Friday, November 14, 2008

The Left and The Truth

Throughout Barack Obama's campaign for the presidency, as I watched him backtrack on the nature of his many questionable relationships, on issues such as gun control, abortion rights, and taxation, and on his feelings about the United States, the words of another famous revolutionary, Vladimir Lenin, kept coming to mind. Said Lenin, "To tell the truth is a petty bourgeois habit, whereas for us to lie is justified by our objectives."

Lenin, along with Leon Trotsky and his other comrades in arms, was a character right out of the book Eric Hoffer published years later (in 1951): The True Believer. Whether it's global warming or cooling, gay marriage, animal rights, or any other "cause," a genuine true believer has no problem telling blatant lies in order to further that cause.

After all, if one believes that the end he seeks is truly noble, then any means is justified, no matter how immoral the means or how harmful they may be to others. As the esteemed college professor William Ayers dispassionately pointed out, "In revolutions, innocent people have to die." His humanitarian words are enough to warm the cockles of your heart.

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