Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Obama Supporter Economic Mentality

What I believe is the misunderstanding of the Barack Obama followers is that they truly believe he is going to be "Robin Hood" and take from the rich to give to them.
Wrong. The government will take from the rich to benefit its government programs, some of which will go back to the right politically connected "rich" so enough of them are in on the Big Government Con Game.

For example: The machine operator believes that Barack Obama and his minions will bring him up closer to the level of, say, his supervisor or the business entreprenur in salary, benefits, etc. But in reality, Barack Obama and his minions will lower the supervisor's salary to match the social-economic status of the machinist, and the balance goes to the government. Of course, at some point the supervisor, or entrepreneur, decides the rewards are not worth it, and productivity and the economy decline.
Kill the ambition and you kill the spirit. Should you receive according to your needs, not wants, and all have more or less the same household income (according to their needs)? Then why spend 12 years in college to become a heart specialist when you can go to a trade school for 15 months and work less hours with less stress?

As that spiral cycle begins and the country starts to lose its productivity, the government must once again step in "for the good of the country" and, to keep Utopia as is, tell you what your career will be - because, after all, that is "service." Again, does this sound sadly familiar?
Our Constitution states that each American has the right to liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness. Our Constitution did not promise anything else to anyone.  It gave Americans the freedom to succeed or fail according to their thought process. And if one should fail, they have the freedom to change direction.

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