Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I mean it, let's not panic

Bill Whittle sees the very silver lining in the supposedly dark clouds:

So consider this, my fellows in arms:

On Tuesday, the Left -- armed with the most attractive, eloquent, young, hip and charismatic candidate I have seen with my adult eyes, a candidate shielded by a media so overtly that it can never be such a shield again, who appeared after eight years of an historically unpopular President, in the midst of two undefended wars and at the time of the worst financial crisis since the Depression and whose praises were sung by every movie, television and musical icon without pause or challenge for 20 months… who ran against the oldest nominee in the country’s history, against a campaign rent with internal disarray and determined not to attack in the one area where attack could have succeeded, and who was out-spent no less than seven-to-one in a cycle where not a single debate question was unfavorable to his opponent – that historic victory, that perfect storm of opportunity…

Yielded a result of 52%.

Folks, we are going to lick these people out of their boots {next time around}.

It's debatable that this is the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression; the late 1970's and even the early 1990's were worse so far, but yes, it's bad. And that John McCain couldn't seem to point out the Affirmative Action roots of the financial disaster was truly sad.

Dennis Prager also sees silver linings. Most notably, the race card will be revealed for the despicable ploy that it is, all the nonsense about how "the world will love us again" will be debunked by hard reality, and that the Right can rethink it's approach, and stop the pork-barrelling, amnesty-granting, and entitlement granting ways that made it not much better than the Commiecrats.

But I wouldn't be so sure about that race card playing, Dennis!

Meanwhile in California:

--in spite of being propagandized by "the beautiful people" to vote NO on Prop 8
--in spite of the Yes on 8 forces being utterly outspent
--in spite of weasel wording By Attorney General Moonbeam to make Proposition 8 look sinister on the ballot ("eliminates right of gays to marry")
--in spite of the thug tactics of Prop 8 opponents (such as extorting corporations to contribute to their campaign)
--in spite of the demagoguery of the Prop 8 opponents (bogus racial comparisons, claiming that proponents want to violently attack homosexuals directly)
--in spite of this state being rather liberal (we can't even get parental NOTIFICATION about a Minor's abortion, let alone consent)....

We STILL approved Prop 8 53% to 47%!!!!!

Why throw away a winning issue? And why not preempt sleazy activist judges on a federal level with a Defense of Marriage Act? Call it a National Ban-Hammer. NOWHERE has gay marriage been approved by the people, not even Commiechussetts.

That said, I am a realist. Where I live will be pro-abortion to the end of time. If the monstrosity of Roe v. Wade is overturned as it should be, there will be 24 hour abortion mills going full blast in Truckee (Interstate 80) or Needles (Interstate 10). The difficulty in obtaining an abortion will have increased by the price of a Greyhound ticket. The pro-life side of the GOP will have to account for that and make allowance for it if they are ever to get pro-gun, pro-defense, tax cutting, gov't program slashing conservatives elected in CA and quite a few other states.

So perhaps we conservatives should practice "triage" with social issues. Trumpet the winners (immigration, keeping the definition of marriage as it has always been), and cut loose others in the name of federalism (abortion, domestic partnerships).

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