Monday, July 29, 2013

Black Democrat Smear on Immigration Backfires

Karen Bass (pictured) is a black congresswoman who held a townhall in Los Angeles. She made sure to attack Steve King, and accuse those Republicans who refuse to back the farce of "Comprehensive immigration reform" of being secretly racist:

But it turns out her own constituents aren't happy:
About 300 people attended the meeting, and despite Los Angeles' deeply liberal bent, the crowd was sharply divided over what should be done with the millions of people who are living in this country illegally.
Several spoke out against a pathway to legalization, saying it would reward those who broke the law by entering the country illegally. Others pointed to the economy and unemployment and argued that the job prospects of Americans — particularly African Americans — would be harmed.

Keith Hardiner, 57, said he is the descendant of slaves.

"They were separated from their families, but we had to fight and struggle," said the Silver Lake resident. "And now I feel like we are being set back and the country is being kind of stolen from us."
In 1994, when Pete Wilson *tripled* the share of votes he and other Republicans usually get from African Americans becuse of their stance on the illegal alien issue, did anyone in the GOP Establishment pay attention? Or, like the Wall Street Journal, they so want their cheap maids and gardeners they have to do everything to smear border patriots?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to REALLY win Hispanic votes

Allan Wall nails it:
OK, here's an interesting result from a California State Senate special election in a district that is 60% Hispanic, in which Republican Andy Vidak beat Hispanic Democrat Leticia Perez.

According to Breitbart, "Vidak, a working class candidate, resonated with working class Hispanics in the district who also saw how coastal California elites were not putting their bread-and-butter interests first." 
Breitbart also reported that: "Vidak ran broadly on "the bifurcation of California: the coastal liberal elites versus the Valley folks." On a more local level, Vidak's theme of "fish versus farmer" resonated with Democrats in a District where the unemployment rate is 15% and as high as 30% in some communities in the District." 
Rather than allowing hysteria about the Hispanic vote to provoke them to pander to the leftist Hispanic establishment, some astute Republicans might be able to use local issues to win elections. They could at least try to campaign against amnesty on the grounds that it hurts employment prospects among American citizens. It's worth a try.
THIS is how the GOP wins Hispanic votes.

Not by "Hispandering" amnesties that import a larger underclass that will vote Commiecrat, but by engaging those Mexican Americans who actually *run businesses*--as farmers, as restaurateurs, as contractors, as oil and gas drillers, as truckers, as "Jose' the Plumber". All of whom are being hurt--badly--by the Eco-Fiend Left in this state.

The "Green" Demunists in California have been shutting down agribusiness, "fracking" for oil and natural gas, road improvements, irrigation water and hydro power.

Wake up, GOP, and turn the "Brown Businesses" against the "Green" Eco-Fiends, who are really "Watermelons", "Green" outside, but Pinko Red inside.

How is allowing more illegal aliens in going to help the actual Mexican American and other Latin American CITIZENS who have always been here?

Update (08/02/13): Maybe not. Vidak is already pandering, too.

Friday, July 19, 2013

LA Times admits to "Bash Mobs Sweeping Through Southern California"....

....but it still can't acknowledge just who the bash mobs are.

Black goons attack White and Asian victims, and the LA Times just leaves the racism of the mobs utterly unmentioned, even when all the video camera evidence makes it obvious.

Congratualtions, LA Times. You've been encouraging this for weeks. Every since the Zimmerman trial started. Feel happy now that you got what you wanted?

Gee, I wonder if any of the "bash mob" participants look like President Obama did 35 years ago?
35 years ago Obama could have been part of a bash mob. 35 years ago President Obama WAS part of an academic communist cabal excusing the bash mobs.

It would be nice if these bash mobs would find their way to prison fast, as everything is recorded on video and can be reviewed frame by frame. The flash mob footage will be scrutinized down to the pixel.

However, given our Liberal Demunist Commiecrats in office, it is more likely they will find their way to a slap on the wrist, perhaps. They will be coddled and excused because after all, someone once thought their appeared to look like a criminal, so all their actions are justified. Just ask Obama, he will cry a tear for them right on camera.

So if I am attacked by these bash mobs, and I shoot them in self defense, will I be tried for attempted murder or murder for standing my ground? Given the libs who run this state, probably.

These aren't "bash mobs", they are feral black mobs rioting under the protection the media who call them "youths".

And God help any white person who is CCW (are there ANY in L.A.?) who takes out one or more while defending himself. Zinnerman verdict reaction redux.

Theser bash mobs are the result of a single parent Sub-Culture raised on anti-white animosity and envy. Triggered by their racist hatred and a righteous indignation instilled and encouraged by a Leftist Hollywood and Public School Victimist Propaganda. Empowered by Liberals and their Entitlement Mentality. Often Ignored and Protected by the National News Media, Political Correctness and a corrupt DOJ. Forgiven by an endless list of Affirmative Excuses and Lowered Expectations. Glorified beyond recognition by a fawning media on TV, on the Movie screen, and Gansta Rap.

This is the chaotic new social dis-order, void of personal safety, common decency, and civilized behavior that the multi-cultists have forced upon us, and until America wakes up out of its blind obedience to Political Correctness and recognizes this behavior for what it is, and admit that it is a serious problem, violent crimes like these will only get worse....much worse.

Although, in fairness, the LA Times won't admit when Latino criminal gangs are targeting African American victims either.