Saturday, November 01, 2008

Election Pre-Mortem

Sadly, it looks like we are about to get the most leftist President in recent history, which, coupled with the most leftist Speaker Of The House and Senate Majority Leader in recent history, means a shift toward socialism in the USA, even as the ashes of the Soviet Empire grow cold.

First, let us understand what the Obama campaign did that worked. The Obamunists:

1. Raised huge sums of money, all the while demonizing "fat cat donors" who apparently didn't take that rhetoric seriously. Perhaps this is because, like General Electric, they intend to be the beneficiaries of "green jobs" government spending, "high speed rails" (choo choo!) and "stem cell research" (California has been at it for four years and we are still waiting....)
2. Understood that there was no reason for Obama to be available to the lamestream media, who would fawn all over him anyway.
3. Responded to all efforts to probe Obama's past with claims of "racism", and relied on the lamestream media in #2 above to cover up, which they did.
4. Targeted Southeastern Atlantic Coast states like VA, NC, GA, and FL, which are not as solidly Republican as believed.
5. Had no harmful leaks.
6. For the most part, kept open communists like Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers out of the spotlight.
7. Managed to find a way to win without having to owe anything to the Clintons.

What the Obama campaign did that didn't work:

1. Picked Joe Biden, who hasn't really helped them at all.
2. Failed to build popular support for all the leftist policies Obama intends to implement after the election. Expect a major Congressional reversal in 2010.

And now, let us think about what the McCain campaign did that worked:

1. Made some very entertaining ads ("The One" and Paris Hilton).
2. Had a reasonably successful convention, mending fences with rivals and at least papering over differences in the GOP.
3. Brought Sarah Palin, a potential future star, into the national spotlight.

What the McCain campaign did that didn't work:

1. Failed to recognize that the Left would try to destroy Palin, and that any damage to Palin would also hurt McCain.
2. Failed to stop campaign officials from leaking to the press.
3. Were cowed by bogus "racism" charges from the liberal media, and did not consistently go after Obama as a tax-and-spend liberal.
4. Completely mishandled the economic crisis.  McCain should have opposed the bailout.
5. Did not recognize until very late that the voters care more about domestic policy than foreign policy.
6. Did not articulate a persuasive economic argument.
7. Failed to understand that the lamestream media only liked him when he was a useful tool to get at George W. Bush, and with him gone, the lamestream media turned on McCain with a vengeance.

Turning to Election Day, it is clear that for all of John McCain's alleged "maverick" differences with the Bushyrovies, essentially under John McCain many of the Bushyrovie policies, particularly on immigration, will remain the same. But at least McCain's policies are undeniably pro-growth, pro-military, and pro-American.

Obama's record is that of a hard-core sleazy Chicago politician and communist "community organizer". Since the general election began, however, Obama has tried to sound more like a moderate conservative on economic and foreign policy issues. The man who has never voted to eliminate wasteful spending now says he'll "go through the budget line by line and eliminate programs that don't work" as well as "give tax relief to the 'middle class." The man who has opposed every major military weapons program now claims he'll "modernize our military," too!

So who's the real Barack Obama? The one who wants America to emerge stronger from this economic crisis, or the one who wants to "bankrupt the coal industry"? Maybe we should ask people who've known him since he kicked off his political career. Does anyone have Bill Ayers's e-mail address?

Sarah Palin continues to be the bright spot in the McCain campaign (which explains why the lamestream has been ambushing her while letting Joe "Gaffe Machine" Biden slide), and she'll be a force in the conservative movement for years to come. It was sadly predictable that John McCain used precious time and energy Saturday night courting the media elite by appearing in an Saturday Night Live skit ridiculing Palin.

If McCain loses, we will remember this truth: He's always been more comfortable blasting Republicans and conservatives than his liberal friends. And in the homestretch of this campaign, he chose to give a wink to those who spent the past several weeks working overtime to destroy a good woman. So if McCain loses, it is time for the GOP to send him out to pasture.

The media apparatchiks are bemoaning the "ugliness" of the campaign in its final hours. (Translation: McCain and his supporters are finally telling us what we need to know about Obama, and it's not pretty.)

The Obama cheerleaders at NBC have been giddy about the prospect of an Obama presidency all along. But today NBC hit an all time low when its goateed political director Chuck Todd came out and declared the race over. In front of his magic electoral map, he said McCain had "zero percent" chance of winning the election.

It was this sort of thing that had Carter supporters crying foul in 1980, and if in 2012 Obama is the one on the ropes and even some of the liberal media are writing off his chances, the Obamunist supporters will cry foul and charge "voter suppression".

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