Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Obamunst as President? Let's not panic...

Everybody stop panicking!
Congress, with the urging and support of the administration, would spend time 'investigating' the 'crimes' of the Bush administration and the Republicans in Congress. These hearings would have little purpose other than to tarnish the Republican party and avoid a repeat of the 1994 elections.

Let them try. The truth would come out about the Demunists' even greater scandals, even with a slanted liberal media.

Seriously, folks, if the Obamunist wins and the Demunists maintain their *very* shaky majority in Congress, then it's 1977-1980 at worst or 1993-1994 at best all over again. Which means bad times. (Everybody buy gold and guns and reread either (1) Howard Ruff's "How To Prosper During the Coming Bad Years" if the Obamunists unleash inflation, or (2) James Davidson and Lord William Rees-Mogg,'s "The Great Reckoning" if Obamunist protectionism causes deflation).

But eventually it means a massive Republican revival. Don't forget that now, as then, there are / were sizeable numbers of non-commie "Boll Weevil" or "blue Dog" Democrats--they were the ones who won back the Congress for Democrats in 1996. Webb, Breaux, Baucus, and the like and other Blue Dogs and Boll Weevils will not go Commiecrat.

The "Fairness Doctrine?" (sic) They couldn't revive it when the Commiecrats were at high tide in 1993.

Buck up--we will retrench, the Obamunist will really mess things up (never before have we seen such an unqualified putz running for office--I long for Hillary now!), and we will re-emerge triumphant with Congressional victories in 2010 that will make 1994 look like chump change.

Let's just regroup for 2010. If McCain in 2008 seemed determined to sputter and stall out in the face of a hopey changey phony like Bush the Elder did in 1992, then we just have to make 2010 into 1994 again. Even granting the Demunists some victories, Congress will be nowhere near as bad as it was in 1993.

Meanwhile, VDH sees Jimmy Carter all over again:

Why do so many conservatives think that an Obama-elect might prove a centrist, and so why do they use phrases like “I pray” or “I hope” that Obama might turn out, well, not to be Obama?

Jimmy Carter did exactly what he promised: raised taxes, grew the government, told the world he had no inordinate fear of communism, trashed our (3rd World) allies as retrograde right-wing authoritarians — and we got the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Iranian hostage-taking (have we forgotten that the “Great Satan” originated as a slur against Nobel laureate Carter?), communism in Central America, the Cambodian Holocaust, and spikes of 12% inflation, 18% interest, and 7% unemployment.

For his first two years (until 1994 Gingrich’s ‘Contract with America’ revolution, and Dick Morris’s ‘triangulation’), Bill Clinton, as promised, raised taxes, raised spending, tried to ram through socialized medicine, and by fiat wanted to force the military to accept those openly gay.

So why would any conservative think that Obama — friend of Ayers, Khalidi, Meeks, Pfleger, and Wright, veteran of mysterious campaigns in which rivals in 1996 and 2004 simply dropped out or were forced out, erstwhile advocate of repealing NAFTA, controlling guns, stopping new drilling and nuclear plants, zealot for bringing all troops home by March 2008, advocate of a trillion dollars in new spending, and raising the tax burden on the 5% who now pay 60% of the aggregate income taxes, supporter of more oppression studies and racial reparations — would not likewise try to govern as he has lived the last 20 years?

Why would anyone think that an Obama would not wish to enact the visions of those who first backed him — the crowd, ACORN, The Huffington Post, Sen. Reid, Rep. Pelosi, a Chris Dodd or Barney Frank — rather than the late pilers-on like Colin Powell or Scott McClellan? We should remember that, unlike the cases of Carter and Clinton, Obama would have both houses of Congress, and a (Republican) precedent of the federal government intervening into the free market, in the manner of 1932.

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