Thursday, November 13, 2008

Buttpirate Blacklisting

The Commiewood Left said back in 2004 that if George W. Bush was re-elected, entertainment industry figures would be blacklisted for taking unpopular political views. And, with apologies to Glenn Reynolds, they were right, as the Sacramento Bee reports:
Gay and lesbian artists called Monday for an artistic and audience boycott of California Musical Theatre after learning that its artistic director donated $1,000 to a campaign that backed banning gay marriage in California.
Scott Eckern was not available for comment Monday as the revelation has gained stunning momentum on the blogosphere. . . .
Richard Lewis, the organization's executive producer, said the board of directors will conduct an emergency meeting on the matter this afternoon. He said it was too early to tell how this would affect Eckern's 25-year employment with California Musical Theatre.
In a statement released Monday, Lewis said: "Any political action or the opinion of Scott Eckern is not shared by California Musical Theatre. We have a long history of appreciation for the LGBT community and are truly grateful for their longstanding support."
The Bee reports this afternoon that Eckern, apparently yielding to the pressure, has resigned.

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