Sunday, November 16, 2008

The post election GOP factions

There are three main factions in the Republican party. 3 legs of the stool. (1) Business Cons (I include libertarians in here mostly), (2) Defense Cons, (3) Society Cons. Hey, BDS, perfect for annoying moonbat marxists!

Tensions between factions:

1. Sexuality (abortion and "gheyness" lumped in here). Bus Cons don't care, are sometimes even hedonistic on these issues (think the late Malcom Forbes here). Social Cons are fuming mad.

My take: these issues are starting to have economic reprecussions. Think about how leftist anti-family policies spurred the welfare state, and rampant crime among young men. Think about how sexual libertinism led to deadly diseases, and again lots of money that needed to be spent on public health. Bus Cons and Soc Cons need to meet each other halfway.

2. Trade. Bus Cons think Globalization is great. Soc Cons see their once steady steel mill or other such job going bye-bye and their communities torn apart. Def Cons say wait a minute, is getting our machine tools from potential enemy Red China really such a good idea?

My take: some protectionism in the name of national security is OK.

3. Immigration. Bus Cons (WSJ greedheads in particular) think this is great, cheap gardeners and maids for them. Soc Cons say there goes the neighborhood, and one needs only look at increasing race riots and the Mexican flag waving and US flag burning demonstrations last year to see their point. Def Cons see a wide open Mexican border, while we are guarding Iraq's borders with Syria and Iran?

My take: Greedheads fuck off, Lenin was right, you would sell them the rope with which they would hang us. We need all illegal immigration stopped, and a "time out" curtailment of legal immigration, until we can expunge the "multicultural" Leftist poison from the body politic.

4. Size of Government: Def Cons think Big Gov't okay. Big Military means to some extent big government. Heck, even the Interstate Highway System and Bureau of Reclamation water and power projects were justified in the name of national security. Bus Cons fuming, Social Cons supportive or opposed depending upon how it positively or negatively impacts their communities.

My take: Limit the *tasks* government takes on, rather than focusing so much on the size. A VERY Big Defense Department made sense during WW2 and Cold War, for example. Education, Health Care and the like should be sent down to state and local levels as much as humanly possible. Abolish Dept of Ed--for real.

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