Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Oakland: Ron Dellums ruins what Jerry Brown built.

Mayor’s panels report on diversity issues Committee votes to revive human rights commission, says the San Fransicko Commiecle. Try reading the whole thing without getting sick.

The citizens’ task forces appointed by Mayor Ron Dellums to look at issues of diversity in Oakland released their recommendations Tuesday, calling for improved access to services for immigrants, seniors, and gays and lesbians, and for re-establishing a human rights commission similar to San Francisco’s.

Even Jerry Brown had the sense to get rid of this star chamber of wannabe Stalinist political commissars. To his credit, Mayor Moonbeam actually knew how to run a city.

In a related development, the City Council’s Life Enrichment Committee voted unanimously Tuesday night to recommend reinstituting the city’s Human Rights Commission, which disbanded several years ago due to lack of funding. Councilwoman Nancy Nadel said she and Councilwoman Pat Kernighan decided to propose re-establishing the commission after meeting with members of Oakland’s LGBT community.

"Most likely it’s going to have to go through the budget process with everything else," Nadel said Tuesday. City officials estimated it would cost $356,000 a year to staff and operate such a commission. "We’ve been working on this idea for months and months. The idea is now ripe."

And cost much, much more to implement its Stalinist directives, and cost even morde than that in terms of business scared off....but ripe is certainly a good fruity term....

Another recommendation suggests the city require all employees and city contractors to go through annual sensitivity training around immigration, LGBT, disability and senior issues.

Here comes the Thought Police now! You must accept the gender mutilated as normal! Two And Two Make Five!

The immigration task force identified Latino immigrants as a group in need of special outreach, in part because of growing anti-immigrant sentiment toward that group. Oakland police in recent months have reported an increase in robberies and violence targeting day laborers.

Note the Commiecle's inability to call a spade a spade and use the term "illegal aliens".

Some of the tension can be traced to the city’s enforcement against employers hiring day laborers, which resulted in laborers losing work and suffering psychologically and financially, said Laura Rivas, a member of the immigration
task force.

Gee, I thought leftists WANTED a "living wage"? That requires enforcement, and kicking out the illegals who undermine it, you know...

The task force on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues recommended that the mayor form a Human Rights Commission subcommittee on LGBT issues, with the goal of raising money for LGBT social-service programs.

Aha, the Lavender Mafia's shakedown of the taxpayers....

The task force also recommended the mayor’s office help launch an annual fundraiser to benefit Oakland AIDS service organizations and that the mayor use his bully pulpit to promote HIV/AIDS awareness among all communities in Oakland.

Will the blunt advice to not shoot up and not have butt-sex be given? Of course not....

On second thought, make that FOUR atomic bombs....

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