Monday, March 26, 2007

YouNiVerseItEe EdYouKayShun

And I thought the drivel coming out of the Daily Californian (Berkeley student newspaper) was bad:

I am, and will continue to be, aggressively and unapologetically anti-eating disorders. I am definitely trying to attack this problem. I want to be supportive of those who are suffering, but I refuse to say that I am anything but opposed to their sickness. I am not in any way blaming people who have eating disorders; this is absurd. When I say I am furious about eating disorders, I mean that I am furious at their existence, not at the people whose lives are being ruined by them. I have nothing but sympathy and compassion for the hundreds of people on this campus that are suffering. I want to do everything I can to improve their lives. I really cannot stress enough the distinction between being against eating disorders and being against people who have eating disorders. . . .

I believe it is very possible to live in a world without eating disorders. Throughout history and across various cultures, there have been societies with no documented cases of disordered eating. It is not the presence of food that creates eating disorders, it is the presence of a slew of cultural factors that are unique to certain societies (including, obviously, ours) that encourage disordered eating. I think that while it may be scary and strange to say, "I want to live in a world with no eating disorders," it is extremely empowering and it is a statement that I stand behind completely.

Given how many people favor eating disorders, this is a brave stand indeed!

If this lady had gone out and got herself a job after high school, no matter how menial, she would have learned more about life than she ever will in her politically distorted campus bubble.

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