Friday, March 16, 2007

Ding-Dong, the Bulldozer Bitch is STILL dead

Today is the fourth anniversary of the blessed bulldozer that killed that communist leftover turned Palestini-goon advocate Rachel Corrie as she tried to prevent the Israel Defense Forces from destroying a weapons-smuggling tunnel in Gaza. Her hometown paper, the Olympian, has a story about Corrie's parents:

In a sarcastic op-ed article published in The Jerusalem Post and reprinted in the Wall Street Journal [actually on] on the first anniversary of Corrie's death in 2004, Ruhama Shattan, an Israeli translator and writer, thanked Corrie for "showing the way to all those who seek peace in the Middle East."

"Unfortunately, Corrie's peace . . . means not peaceful coexistence but the elimination of the state of Israel, and death to those they call 'the usurping Jews, the sons of apes and pigs,'" Shattan wrote.

The Corries are no stranger to such criticism.

"I would ask if the people that are making those kinds of accusations, if they have been there to see for themselves," Cindy Corrie said. "What's motivating their criticism?"
Yeah, what could possibly motivate an Israeli--someone who's not only "been there" but lives there--to criticize someone for trying to help Palestinian terrorists acquire weapons? Gee, I wonder.

And of course, the Corries are trying to sue Caterpillar Bulldozers. Isn't that typical? But in a way, it is revealing. Rachel Corrie came from parents just like her. These commie kids sometimes fall prey to politically multicommunist brainwashing from "professors" in places like Olympia (and Berkeley) but more often than not they are commie spawn.

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