Monday, March 19, 2007

They will only hate you anyway, Mr. President

....many (Mexicans) also blame Bush for tough anti-immigration policies.

HUH??? Bush bent over - forwards - and metaphorically took it up the rear to placate Mexico, part of a broader "Hispandering" campaign suggested to him by Karl Rove, and they only hate him anyway. Meanwhile, those of us who loyally supported Bush are banging our heads against the proverbial wall in frustration.

Another example: Bush approved the spending of more money on AIDS research than all previous administrations combined, betraying those of us who wanted the corporate welfare nanny state to shrink, and he only gets vilified by the AIDS activists anyway. Why? Because they aren't "lavender" as much as they are Reds and Pinkoes, that's why.

There are so many ostensibly "conservative" Republicans, day in and day out, who tell us in the voting base, "Well, I'd like to support or oppose policy X, but if I do so, then interest group Y will hate me and call me (blank)-ist and/or (blank)-ophobic..."
To which I can only reply, "Don't you get it? They're only going to hate you and call you that anyway...."

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