Friday, March 02, 2007

America goes it alone, because it has to....

We hear from whiny liberals, "Waah! We're alienating our allies! They don't support us, and when they do, they only contribute token forces!"

To which Max Boot astutely points out, "They don't support us often because THEY CAN'T, and when they do send token assistance, that's because that's all they can muster up."

Every NATO nation had a "peace dividend" as the Soviet Empire collapsed. But while the USA pruned back its military, the Eurotrash gutted theirs. All NATO nations roughly spent between six and nine percent of their GDP's on the military during Cold War days. But while the USA reduced defense spending to about 4% of GDP today, the rest of NATO ranges from 1.1% (Canada) to 2.3% (UK). Faced with budget crunches trying to keep their social(ist) programs going, the Eurotrash decided to cut the military severely.

This is especially true in Afghanistan, which the Left likes to fatuously claim is "the good war":

Look at Afghanistan, where NATO is always having trouble dredging up an extra helicopter or another infantry battalion to throw into the fray. The British and Canadians are doing more than their share; their willingness to fight hard and take casualties sets them apart from most NATO countries, which prefer to send troops to safe parts of Afghanistan rather than to the front lines in the south and east. But 5,500 British and 2,500 Canadian soldiers can cover only so much ground, even with another 1,500 Brits thrown in. As usual, the United States, with more than 27,000 troops in Afghanistan, is left to carry the lion's share of the burden.

Now the rest of NATO does have top-notch, well-trained and well-equipped troops,

allowing them to punch above their weight class in military affairs. But there is only so much that a handful of super-soldiers can accomplish if their numbers are grossly inadequate. Quality can't entirely make up for lack of quantity.

So when the Eurotrash complain about American "cowboy" actions, it's really resentment at their own impotence, and when the Eurotrash speak of "soft power" and diplomacy in dealing with Iran, what they really mean is no power and appeasement.

The reason there are so many Eurotrash now is that they have forgotten how to do things for themselves. They rely on Uncle Sam while pretending to not like it and acting ungrateful and critical at the same time.

How do we get the Euros to man up? I would suggest that the USA pull out of the Balkans entirely. The Euros, to keep the peace in the area, would have to beef up their own military forces, at least to the point of peacekeeping in the Balkans.

The USA even had to do the heavy lifting during THAT intervention, as the Euros lacked airlift capability. Never mind that it is right in the Euros' backyard, driving distance from Germany and Italy!

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