Monday, March 13, 2006

Is California Doomed? Two Atomic Bombs....

I start this blog because I need to vent about the mess this world, this country, and more particularly this state, is in.

Sometimes I am told, "It's hopeless; just move out of California." But damn it, I grew up here, the weather is mostly amazing, and I don't want to give up on this once truly Golden State just yet.

If McClintock can become our next Lieutenant Governor, there is hope. Otherwise, stick a fork in Cali and turn it over....

California needs men like McClintock, and a southern border great wall / fence all the way to Brownsville, Texas. (undeniably the massive influx of immigrants, especially when illegal, has pushed the state past its limits).

OK, I can't resist...another man who may save California is...Kim Jong-il. (Yes, this is a joke)

How so? Consider the electoral maps. California is NOT as hopeless if you look at county by county voting (and precinct by precinct voting if you can find those maps). And the real political messes are concentrated in rather compact areas of the state.

Two small atomic bombs--detonated in San Francisco and that creep Maxine Water's district in South Central LA--would change the state for the better.

Four small atomic bombs--San Francisco, South Central LA, The Oakland-Berkeley area, and West Hollywood (Waxman's district)--would permanently realign the state.

Then again, Oakland / Berkeley might be fine with "the holy fallout" from an SF bomb, given prevailing westerly winds. (Remember "Beneath the Planet of the Apes"?)

Enclaves of insanity like downtown Sacramento, Davis, Marin or Humboldt would remain, but they would be insignificant on the larger California political scene, quaint museums to a quasi-Soviet hippie era past. They could even become nostalgic tourist traps for leftists throughout the USA, even the world. "Turning rebellion into money," as the song goes.

Ideally, this would happen on some mass demonstration weekend in San Francisco or West Hollywood, with all the working people out of the downtown SF and Wilshire Boulevard financial districts. The last weekend in June (Gay Pride) would be ideal. Note: It's not the sexuality as much as it it the insane politics. If they were all like J. Edgar Hoover or Roy Cohn (America's first gay patriots?), they would be just fine as far as I am concerned!

OK, I know this is bad joke hyperbole, but are you up to it, you pudgy pygmy, Krazy Kim?

But more seriously, the destructive politics are confined to mostly coastal enclaves.

Contrary to popular belief, the the real political division in Cali is not North vs. South; it is Coast vs. Interior.

The electoral maps, presidential, congressional, and by state office, are striking in this regard. Every coastal (or bayfront) county went leftward except for San Diego (heavy military presence), San Luis Obispo (CalPoly is technical and has no liberal arts weenies, and I think the crusty guards at Atascadero help too), Orange (tradition), Ventura (ditto, it's where McClintock hails from) and Del Norte (where they still chop trees and don't hug them).

Meanwhile, every interior county went rightward except for Yolo (take out Davis and that changes) and Sacramento County (take out downtown and that changes likewise).

I have trouble saying "red" or "blue" because color-wise that schematic is exactly backward, but I digress.

In any case, the less coastal, the less leftward. San Jose is markedly more "red" than SF, for example, and cross over the Caldecott Tunnel and Alameda and Contra Costa counties become "redder".

Likewise in LA county when you cross over the Santa Monica Mountains and enter "The Valley".

Orange county is actually rather purple compared to neighboring inland San Berdoo and Riverside counties.

The most rightward county by % voter registration is Placer, not Orange, and the rest of the Gold Rush / Sierra region is not far behind Placer.

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