Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Medved Has The "Do Something" Disease

Lately, the proponents of this shamnesty known as "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" are trying a new tack. Essentially, they are saying we must do something, and if we do nothing it will even be worse.

Michael Medved, a talk show host and commentator I used to respect, had a great phrase to describe this mentality--the "do something disease", a term he used to describe legislation that wouldn't work but was being peddled to show that the legislators cared or because it made people feel better. Unfortunately, he has fallen victim to his own disease, and he is urging his listeners to go along with this "comprehensive" crap.

So… it’s unacceptable, even dangerous to do “nothing,” about illegal immigration? Let’s take a look at what doing “nothing” actually does for us.

Last year, the Congress passed a bill which the president signed creating close to 800 miles of security fencing along America’s southern border. The “grand bargain,” as it’s being called in the Senate, calls for hundreds fewer miles of border fencing. Hmmm… let’s see… this means by doing “nothing” and not passing this terrible immigration bill, we actually get MORE border fence. That doesn’t sound unacceptable or dangerous to me.

Next, let’s look at employer enforcement. There are numerous laws on the books right now to crack down on the hiring of illegal aliens. What’s lacking, of course, is the political will to enforce those laws. For some reason, the White House and some members of the Senate want America to believe that with the new bill will come a new courage to enforce those laws?

Show of hands… how many believe that???

So, by doing “nothing,” we still have laws against hiring illegal aliens and still have an administration with no spine for enforcement. I guess it’s not really dangerous or unacceptable to not pass the bill in this case either… let’s just enforce the laws we have.

In addition, the “temporary” worker plan does more than provide for cheap labor to come into America. According to the bill, each “temporary” worker is allowed to bring his spouse and children with him. Thus, the temporary worker has now become a permanent family in America which will likely draw more social services. The bill has yet to address the problem of “anchor babies,” so if these temporary workers have children in America, those children are now U.S. citizens. That doesn’t sound very temporary to me.

Then, there is the concept of deporting those who continue to break the law. As Bobby Eberle noted, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said that “illegal immigrants living in the United States who don’t try to gain legal worker status will be forced to leave.”

“The people who don’t apply and don’t get the Z visa are going to be hunted down and they’re going to get deported,” Chertoff told FOX News. “So there’s a very clear choice: You can either bring yourself into the system and find, you know, safety, pay your fine, and work within the law, or you can stay outside the law and we’re going to focus our attention on those people and deport them.”

What the administration and Senate “leaders” are saying is that with the passage of this bill, America will deport the law breakers. Wait a second… Didn’t they say it was impractical to consider mass deportation? And they are right, it is....

YET: Isn’t that what they are saying they will do if the new bill is passed? Ok, then let’s go after law breakers now and deport them! We don’t need a new bill to do that, do we?

Sorry, Bushyrovies, you can't have it both ways.

Meanwhile, Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama gives us 20 reasons why this bill is worse than "doing nothing".

Above all, why can't we just pass a secure the borders and enforcement only bill, and then take up the issue of what to do with the illegals trapped north of the now impenetrable border later?

Is it because the Democrats will block it? GOOD--THEN THEY, THE DEMOCRATS, TAKE THE BLAME. Republican landslides in 2008 and the Congressional elections of 2010.

(Real Republicans that is, not Bushyrovie greedheads or Hispandering romantic fools)

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