Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Immigration Bill goes down!

But Bush still doesn't get it, and wants to try again....he has just written off his base.

Jim De Mint, another Senate Hero along with Jeff Sessions, points out the flaws in the bills four "enforcement triggers".

Mickey Kaus brilliantly rips apart the "comprehensive" talking points:

1. If all these enforcement measures are so wonderful, why not enact just them and drop the questionable legalization part? Bush is holding the parts of the bill everyone says they want hostage to the parts he wants.

2. If we tried the enforcement parts first, then we wouldn't have to trust the federal government. We could make sure the measures work before we go ahead with legalization (and attract a new wave of legalization-seeking illegals).

3. The bill does require "that we meet border security objectives before certain other provisions can take effect." Unfortunately, legalization is not one of those "certain other provisions." Legalization is immediate under the bill.

4. "[I]f ... they're not obeying the law, they get sent out." Of course, most of them will be obeying the law ... because what was illegal will have been legalized! As for whether the government will actually get it together to send people home if, say, they've come illegally after the January, 2007 cutoff--well, again, let's see whether that "investment" in enforcement pays off.

5. If illegals "live in fear" under the status quo, as we're told, then how is the status quo "silent amnesty"?

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