Monday, June 04, 2007

John Edwards Is Right, There ARE "Two Americas"

John Edwards says in this YouTube clip (Ace of Spades Link) that Illegals Have A Right To American Citizenship.

I've concluded that John Edwards is right! There ARE "Two Americas", largely because of people like him.

No, I'm not talking exactly about how Edwards lives in a mansion and sports $400 haircuts while charging in excess of $50,000 for speeches on the subject of "poverty in America" to breathless university crowds, all the while he assures us that he has never forgotten his meager origins (which were actually quite middle class, even well to do by Deep South standards) and how he wants us to believe that he still identifies with those who have been left out of what Bill Clinton once called "life's lottery."

Sure, that may annoy, but that's really NOT the "Two Americas" difference.

The REAL "Two Americas" divide is not one of lifestyle, of claiming to be for the poor while being filthy rich, but rather one of an attitude, a state of mind, a world view.

That world view is at the heart of the cultural divide over illegal immigration.

Their America, consisting of elites like the Breck Girl, is pushing this monstrosity of an immigration bill. And rest assured, they are not among those of us in Our America who will have to suffer the consequences of their actions.

There are, indeed, two Americas. Our America lives in homes on the streets, avenues and boulevards of this country, in increasingly close proximity to Mexican street gangs, many of which are encroaching on previously nice neighborhoods. Their America lives in gated communities. They don't even see the illegals. They hear about them on the news. They know they exist, but unless they hire them to clean their homes, they will never have contact with them.

Our America watches as our teens are decimated by methamphetamines, 75 percent of which comes across our porous southern border and straight into our communities. Their America believes such risks are worth it to ensure a plentiful supply of cheap labor.

Our America is exposed to unknown diseases every day while shopping among the illegals at Wal-Mart. Their America wouldn't be caught dead at Wal-Mart.

Our America depends on education and health care systems that are being crippled by a flood of illegals. Their America does not.

Most of Our America watches as our already mediocre government school systems are overburdened by mandates to teach the children of people who don't belong in our country. Their America sends their children to private schools.

Sometimes Our America digs deep to send our kids to private schools too, at the price of foregoing services, like the cheap immigrant gardeners and maids that service Their America.

Sadly, George W. Bush, despite our support of him, has cast his lot with Their America.

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