Friday, June 01, 2007

Bush Disses His Base

Next time I get a GOP fundraising letter, I will send them this:

Hat tips to the Ace of Spades and to Geoff.

You know, I stuck up for Bush when the Demunist Commiecrats tried to make scandals out of nothing:
--Fired Attorneys--that serve as appointees at the President's discretion and deserve to be fired when they disobey his directives.
--Scooter Libby--that bitch Valerie Plame and her asshat hubby are a disgrace, and Richard Armitage leaked, not Scooter Libby.
--Hurricane Katrina--Ray "chocolate city school bus" Nagin and Governor Kathleen Blanco are to blame, simple as that; Demunist liberals are stuck on stupid.
--And of course, the War In Iraq--Saddam DID have alliances of convenience with Al-Qaeda, Zarquawi was a guest there before we found him and killed him, the world is a better place with them gone, we must create a functioning government, or governments if we partition, and not pull out and reenact Saigon 1975, like the Commiecrats want.

And THIS is how we, the loyal supporters, are rewarded? By being called Klansmen because we don't want our country overrun and our public services bled dry by ingrates, just so the Bushyrovies can have cheap gardeners and maids?

Kiss off, Dubby. The Bushyrovies think they can get by without us. So, let them...with "allies" like Bush, who needs political enemies?

I used to think, "hey, lesser of evils..." But, sorry, but there ARE some "sine qua non" issues, and, along with the GWOT and Supreme Court nominees, this is one of them.

We always knew Bush was a softie on immigration and suffered from the "winning through Hispandering" delusion (sorry, votes in every election since 2000 prove this a failure), but we at LEAST thought he would "do thy patient no harm" and not do something significantly worse. This bill IS significantly worse.

"No Child Left Behind" farce? Prescription drug entitlement boondoggle? Disappointing, but not deal breakers. This issue is.

Sadly, Bush and half the GOP either (1) just don't get it, or (2) are suffering from the political equivalent of Battered Wife Syndrome. This delusion of "winning through Hispandering" suggests (3) both.

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bmac said...

winning thru "hispandering". Great line. Thanks for checking out my blog, will have more content soon.