Monday, November 20, 2006

Too many statists? Is California doomed?

At first I thought the reckless bond initiative wins and the parental notification and eminent domain initiative losses were due to Ah-nold's withholding of support. But as Lt. Col. Gil Ferguson, USMC Retired and former Assemblyman, posted to "Steven Frank's California Political News And Views", is the problem really with too many people in California too?

The winning votes for all the bonds on the ballot in California and the votes against requiring parental notification of their daughter’s abortion and the unbelievable failure of the initiative prohibiting government from taking your home and giving it to a developer, all say more about America today than we would like to believe. There are so many people working for the government and so many people dependent on the government and so many newly arrived immigrants, ignorant of America and so many workers committed to unions,--- that together, they are an overwhelming voting block. And it is a social segment, based on their income and loyalty to class and minority status, that is easy to alarm and turn out at the polls. How else can you explain the fact that Californians willingly indebted themselves to the tune of nearly $100 Billion Dollars. It was obvious from the pro side advertisements, that a majority of voters believed voting for bonds was a way of buying things for free. Prop 90 , limiting the government’s right to take your home failed because the police, teachers, fire fighters and other public employee unions and those who benefit from government programs were asked to vote against their own self interest as homeowners and vote for their interests as a beneficiary of government. If the government must pay you for diminishing the value of your property, there will be less money for your pay and perks and social programs. Its as simple as that; those in the wagon now outnumber or at least out vote those pulling it. Those demographics, a selfish Governor, plus a failure of leadership at the state GOP, resulted in the landslide against us!

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