Monday, November 06, 2006

"Save The GOP, Save The World"

The polls are trying to convince us that it's a Republican Waterloo.

But it's really a Republican Bastogne.

Consider the parallels. The Republican leadership, and some Republican congresscritters, have really botched it lately. Just like from D-Day to Bastogne. Think Operation Market Garden, or the disasters at Anzio and Monte Cassino. To say nothing of being caught napping by the initial Bulge.

Why are the Demunists so intense? Because this really is their last stand. If they make no gains, or paltry gains, after all this effort, then they really have nothing of any substance left. And 2008 will be "Four More Years", just as 1988 was initially.

Tonight, "Heroes" is on the Boob Tube. So tomorrow morning, "Save the Republicans, save the world..."

And tomorrow, we can be heroes, just for one day....

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