Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mountjoy for Senate

He can’t win; Dianne Feinstein has this wrapped up. Still, I like him because he isn’t afraid to stand for what he believes.

For the last decade and a half, the Republicans have made three choices in taking on the Boxer - Feinstein Axis (in fairness, Dianne Feinstein is not shrill like Boxer is):

1. Serious principled conservative (so-called "extremist") Republican candidate, who campaigns on a moderate budget and who loses VERY narrowly (Bruce Herschensohn 1992).

2. Pathetic "moderate" Republican candidate who has backing of party establishment, is afraid to raise hard questions, and gets utterly trounced (Matt Fong 1998, Tom Campbell 2000, Bill Jones 2004). Are we learning anything here?

3. Vacuous and vapid airhead Republican candidate who also has backing of party establishment, throws his fortune into the race, and still loses, albeit very narrowly (Mike Huffington 1994)

I know which path Mr. Mountjoy is on, and I know what path I am on. Taking into consideration the fact that he is spending next to nothing in his campaign and never had a chance anyway, Mr. Mountjoy is actually doing remarkably well in the polls. Will the GOP learn anything from this? We can only hope.

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