Thursday, November 23, 2006

"IF I DID IT..."

(courtesy of Tim LeFever, Capital Resource Institute)

"I was only half listening to the radio when I first heard that a notorious criminal was finally going to come clean. Sort of.

Once idolized by so many throughout the world, he was now labeled a horrible butcher. I remembered how we all focused on the chase and the anti-climatic conclusion as he was taken into custody.

My mind wandered as I thought about the division in our country. At one point we had all been so sure, and then the doubts crept in. All of the evidence pointed to only one conclusion. Reputations were staked on proving their case. But, then the issue became political and the government was accused of lying, even manufacturing evidence.

Whatever the man’s other sins, much of the population was sure he was innocent of this current accusation. And now, a bit of a crack in the fa├žade. We were going to get a glimpse of how such a secret could be kept for so long. We would know, from his own mouth what horror he was capable of.

It was unclear how a divided population would react to conclusive evidence of the evil. After all, so many were invested in the rightness of their arguments.

Then somehow the storyline changed. In fact, I was not going to get a glimpse behind the curtain. All doubts were not going to be resolved. But, not because Murdoch was pulling the story.

My mistake. I thought Saddam Hussein was going to confess to moving or hiding the WMD.

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