Thursday, November 02, 2006

Election Time: Don't Bring Back the 1970's

At first I felt like stating: “Vote Republican, in spite of all their MANY disappointments, because if you don’t, the Dhimmicrats will surrender the country." Which in the short run is not true, although in the very long run it definitely is.

But then I thought about it some more and I figured I could sum up this election in one sentence: “Don’t bring back the 1970’s.” Seriously, they were a bad time for the nation in general (and even to some extent the family in particular). And sadly, there are serious movements afoot to bring us back there.

On the national level, we have an entire political party that has decided that the USA should cut off aid to the new regime in Iraq, give up on making a better government there, and let Baghdad and Basra 2007 turn into Saigon and Da Nang 1975. You might want to seek out some of the ethnic people who fled for their lives and moved into California in the 1970’s, and ask them just how well THAT went. This political party even threw a dyed in the wool liberal like Joe Lieberman off its bandwagon and under its wheels because he didn’t want to surrender like that.

On the state level:
--we have a retired “Moonbeam” politician from the 1970’s trying to rise out of his political coffin in Oakland.
--we have a ballot initiative that thinks that punishing energy producers will improve our energy supplies, just like the 1970’s (Proposition 87)
--we have other ballot initiatives that resurrect, amplify, or perpetuate bad policies that date from the 1970’s (Propositions 1C, 86, 88, and 89)

We do have one important difference: in the 1970’s, we were all supposed to be scared into lowering our standard of living by “global cooling”, which rested upon dubious science. Now, they want to scare us into lowering our standard of living by “global warming”, which rests upon no less and perhaps even more dubious science.

Seriously, folks, a few bad votes and we could end up looking like THIS again, WITHOUT the recaptured youth:

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