Saturday, April 14, 2007

Paradise By The Dashboard Lights....

It turns out that rocker Meat Loaf and this bloodthirsty moslem savage have something in common:

The father of suicide bomber Tareq Hamid was ecstatic as he praised his son's martyrdom operation to the channel on March 6. He told the interviewer that when his son was about to perform the terrorist attack, he called his friends and told them, "I swear by Allah that I saw the black-eyed virgins of paradise on the hood of my car."

And yet, we are told that the poor Palestinigoons have been oppressed by the big bad Zionists. But straight from the proud papa's mouth:

Mr. Hamid added, "Some people claim that all these young mujahedeen who blow themselves up are desperate people. … These claims are wrong. These are lies and clear Zionist propaganda. All the mujahedeen I came to know … are the finest of Palestinian society. … The only thing they need is to reach paradise by means of defense and martyrdom for the sake of Allah…"

You know, if it was up to me, I'd let Israel buy some of the old B-1B's and B-52-D's from "The Boneyard" at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, and let them start carpet-bombing the Gaza Strip. It would work effectively, unlike the jungle canopy of Vietnam. Or even surviving B-47's if any can be restored.

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