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Polipundit: The fraud of "Gay Marriage"

One of the snarkiest, funniest, and spot-on blogposts on the matter that I have ever seen:

Here, I shall quote it in case it disappears:

On “Progressives” and Homosexuality

In my earlier essay exploring the formation of the political views of modern liberals I concluded that misguided emotion guides their outlook on issues of the day. Outside of the war in Iraq, it seems nothing gets the left’s dander up more than the issue of gay marriage.

First, I want to point out that recently there was a bit of a kerfuffle offline regarding this topic and an openly gay blogger. I was singled out for my “very angry and hurtful comments” which were “stoking some very dangerous language about gays.” Well! What did I say? I, for about the millionth time, pointed out that being gay is: abnormal, immoral, and unhealthy.*

I usually make these comments on the topic of gay marriage as I don’t believe the state should be encouraging or attempting to normalize such behavior. That is not to say I think that sodomy should be illegal, but certainly changing the family structure of our society because a tiny, tiny minority feel the need to be part of an institution they used to despise is certainly not a good idea. Yes, most gays were against marriage before they were for it.

Now these facts, inconvenient truths if you will, get me castigated as ignorant, mean, homophobic, and dangerous. Why is such language used in response to these facts? Because they can’t be answered, and they must be prevented from being openly talked about. Which means I have won the argument. When a gay blogger has to write emails saying he refuses to read your blog postings and can not speak to the comments, I’ve won. Having no response to facts demonstrates the weakness of your position. And I think just about anyone who has done just a bit of thinking on this topic realizes just how weak the position of gay marriage proponents actually is. Let’s look at some of these “arguments”:

1. “LOL, you want to run our society/laws based on the bible“

Uh, no, actually I don’t. Not entirely anyway. Though those 10 commandments seemed to have been a pretty good guide, haven’t they? Anyway, I want our society to reflect some common sense values. Since gay sex will never produce a single child, and since gay sex has no benefits and many risks, why should we encourage it and redefine our family structure?

2. “Jesus never condemned homosexuality/those quotes from the bible are taken out of context”

LOL, you want to run our society based on the bible? Typical liberal shell game. If one line of attack doesn’t work, reverse course and lie. Well, Jesus never condemned me drinking a bottle of Cuervo Gold and getting in my car and hitting the beltway at 95 mph either. So it’s ok then, right? Anyone seriously arguing that any biblical references are “out of context” given the fact that God said man and woman will be joined as one in the flesh, and said “honor thy father and thy mother” (note: not “parents” not “2 mommies” not “dad and bob") is just being silly. Texts from both Old and New Testament support the proposition that homosexuality is not looked upon favorably by God.

3. “You wingnuts want to legislate what goes on in our bedrooms.”

Not quite. Gay sex, which I’ve said shouldn’t be illegal, isn’t gay marriage. Which is a public, state sanctioned act. If anyone wants to legislate sexual activity, it is the Homocrat Left.

4. “The bible says I can’t eat shellfish, and many other things we ignore, why should we bother listening to it?”

Well, using this “logic” we can ignore the whole thing then I guess. Or, we can realize that changing the cornerstone of civilization for 2 millennium to appease a radical homosexual agenda may not be on par with shellfish, sweetheart. As noted above, God doesn’t want us to engage in such behavior. Do you think maybe there is just some merit to that? I do as male and female parents are the best option for rearing offspring.

5. “Discrimination, the 14th Amendment!!!”

I reject this out of hand as a) it assumes you have a “right” to marry whomever you wish and b) it pretends that the government doesn’t make discriminatory decisions each day. We as a society express a collective judgement on many behaviors deemed inappropriate and aim to prevent them through various laws all the time. As has been mentioned elsewhere, if you have the “right” to marry as two gay males, then I have the “right” to marry multiple women in polygamy, or even a cat. Your “happiness” can’t trump mine, especially when the survival of the species is at stake. If we decide it is “constitutional” that 2 males marry, behavior which has no value in the continuation of the species, then so is any behavior I wish to engage in regarding marriage.

6. “We let infertile and old people marry, why not gays?!”

Two things here. 1, people who have thought they were infertile have had children. 2. As a society, and remember marriage is a social institution, we should reinforce the idea that male & female relationships are the norm. A framework that demonstrates the preferred societal good is reflected each time males and females make that bond.

7. “If marriage is so sacred, why is the divorce rate so high, and you can get married on a game show!”

And I’m for neither of these things. But, it is the left that has brought us the idea of no fault divorce (and fought for welfare benefits for single mothers thus encouraging that behavior), through the feminist movement starting in the late 60’s. In other words, they have succeeded in practically destroying marriage and now want to redefine it however the see fit which will put the nail through the coffin of it. See, these people don’t revere or respect marriage all that much and have done everything to make it less valuable and meaningless over the last 40 years. Now, they must pretend it has some redeeming value to let gays in which will ultimately make it futile.

Dennis Prager also has a very good article refuting the phony "high divorce rates justify gay marriage" crap.

8. “Bigot, redneck, homophobe, fascist, Bushbootlicker/McChimpyBurton!”

Demonstrating I’ve won. Clearly. Now, while I don’t think gay sex should be illegal, I do think we as a society need to better reflect a disapproval of homosexuality. Gays in movies and on TV are smart, witty, lovable, and wise. Mainly because Hollywood is chalk full of gay writers. Well it’s great that those people wish to portray themselves that way. However, I think we need to counterbalance that with some actual facts to encourage some critical thinking about just how important this issue is to our children and the future of our society. Which is why I’ll continue to speak out on it.

*{To see exactly how risky being gay is to your health, see: here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and yes, you are going to read these next 3 links correctly, gay males intentionally try and catch HIV: here, and here, and here. Finally, read this. Gays have higher incidences of STD’s, HIV, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide than heterosexuals. Period.}

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