Sunday, April 01, 2007

Andrew Sullivan claims to have really supported Bush once

Image from Ace.

Yeah right. Truly an April Fool. You have to love doublespeak like this:

What Dowd calls a "love-affair" is sometimes hard to walk away from cleanly or even recognize as a nightmare before it is too late. . . . The Federal Marriage Amendment obviously hit me in the solar plexus as well. It felt like a gratuitously vicious attack on a minority and a violation of conservatism. I knew my relationship with this president was over by the beginning of 2004.

Oh boo hoo hoo. Some of us know better. Acting preemptively to thwart judicial tyrants the Gay Mafia likes is hardly a violation of "true conservatism".
Andy knew Bush was an evangelical from the get go. His change of heart over the fraternity hi-jinks of Abu Gharib also makes me laugh. "Authentic conservative", indeed.

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