Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dinah Shore turns over in her grave

Tragic. This is why we call it "The Land Of Fruits And Nuts". This is also why the bloodthirsty moslem savages really hate us:

ON Thursday night, as a D.J. played the 1986 Beastie Boys hit “Girls” at a divey downtown gay bar here, a handful of women, in knee socks and miniskirts, tattoos and fedoras, jumped up on the stage to dance. On the floor, dozens of women in tank tops, jeans, boots and body jewelry followed suit, grinding up against one another in threesomes and pairs, singing along: “Girls! Girls! Girls! Girls! Girls!”

In the next room, on a platform, a bikini-and-fishnet clad go-go dancer did a push-up while balanced on one foot, then jumped up to wiggle her behind at an appreciative crowd of women waving cameras and $20 bills.

Welcome to Dinah Shore Weekend, or, as it’s better known, lesbian spring break, which concludes today. An annual pilgrimage for more than three decades, it has attracted thousands of adult women to this mountain-ringed Southern California desert town, which becomes a destination for lesbians looking to party, socialize and hook up.
This party began being held to coincide with the Dinah Shore Ladies Golf Tournament. It turned into a lesbian festival sort of on its own -- it turns out that many fans of women's sports are themselves lesbians, if you can believe such a thing. (snicker)

The late great Dinah Shore must be spinning in her grave. She had a passionate affair with a then young (and 20 years younger) Burt Reynolds. You don't get any less lesbian then THAT.
(The story has it that apparently before her death she was appalled at what had been wrought in her name.)
Among the biggest changes of the post “L Word” era, said Sivan Schlecter, a marketing consultant who has helped companies like Showtime and Logo, a gay and lesbian television network, promote events here, is that “corporations pay a lot more attention to it.”

She added: “With the increase of lesbian visibility, brands now realize that women are a part of the gay market, not just men.”
Like they weren't visible already?

When I was a student at Berkeley, we had a saying: "The women who like men don't speak English and the women who speak English don't like men..." Indeed, so many of my peers and I wound up meeting, and marrying, Asian, Latina and lately Slavic immigrants. And for the most part this has worked out well. Of course, the leftists, with their "multicultural" (multicommunist) and "politically correct" (politically communist) agendas, try to create friction, even outright hatred, between the ethnics as well as the genders.

But they have NOT succeeded there as well as they have succeeded in amplifying friction between genders, in academia, in entertainment, and in the media. Could the picture below be the result? Could that be why the women below, who in another era might have been delightful blond surfer beach bunnies, potential spouses for lonely beach combing guys, now find it fashionable to disdain young men? I have no hard evidence on this, but I do have my suspicions.

What a waste....and what is sadder is the way this agenda is pushed and marketed, as we see on the t-shirts of the ladies below: "Girls! Don't try to meet the boys and marry them someday! No, you must HATE THEM!" Precisely the agenda pushed on so many coeds at most university campuses now. "Lesbian Spring Break", indeed:

In fairness, this may not be a cause, so much as it is an effect. That is, these sorts of women always existed, they are just more visible now in an age of video cameras on cellular phones.
And it may not be so much that "lesbian chic" *caused* anti-male sentiments in the culture, as it is that it *reflects* them: These women found each other, and they are so excited that it comes across as insufferable lesbian cheer leading. Just as Rush Limbaugh didn't cause conservative talk radio listeners; he filled a void that was there and waiting to be filled.
It may also be a phase the better looking ones go through, and frankly, the lookers tend be be far fewer in number, and these ones below make up most of the attendees, judging by the photo albums for the events, and they can pass. It's not like they were seduced into leftist moonbattery, they were Code Pinko moonbats to begin with:

And most lesbians, in the real world, who don't have the money to attend ritzy parties built around quasi athletic events like the LPGA, look more like this. In other words, fellows, no big loss:

Another question comes to mind: if homosexual activists disdain traditional gender roles, then why do they tend to divide up into what can be called copies (or parodies) of the two genders? Lesbians can be "butch" or "femme" and male homosexuals are often rugged, overly-masculine or limp-wristed feminine drama queens.

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