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Film Director and Son Killed by Drunk Illegal Alien

Sad. One of the few good guys in Hollyweird, too. Somewhere, "Ralphie" mourns.

The 24-year-old man suspected of causing the accident that killed film director Bob Clark and his son had a bloodalcohol level three times the legal limit, authorities said Thursday.

Hector Manuel Velazquez-Nava, a native of Mexico who federal authorities said was in the U.S. illegally, faces possible charges of vehicular manslaughter, driving without a license and driving under the influence of alcohol. He suffered minor injuries in the early Wednesday accident on Pacific Coast Highway and is being held at the Van Nuys Jail.

Although bail has been set at $100,000, his undocumented status makes him
ineligible for release on bond, police said.

[Driver drunk in crash that killed director], LA Times 4/6/07

Thanks to S.O. 40, much of LA is today under the control of murderous illegal immigrant gangs and Los Angeles last year suffered 269 gang-related murders.
LAPD Chief Bill Bratton still defends S.O. 40. He insists that if police inquire about people's immigration status, no-one—i.e., no illegal immigrants—will come forward to report crimes and bear witness against bad guys.
But, as Bratton [email him] has to know perfectly well, his sanctuary policies have emasculated the police and ceded sovereignty to the gangs. So no illegals report crimes and bear witness against the gangs anyway—because they know that doing so will guarantee their death and the deaths of their loved ones.
And Bratton's own officers have for years complained about seeing known illegal immigrant gang-bangers on the streets but not being able to do anything until the gang-banger commits additional crimes.
Such a handcuffing of the police, which has no legal basis, is at the root not only of the LAPD's years-long impotence in solving murders, but of its role in enabling murderers to kill people in the first place. A sane policy would permit police to stop all known gang members on sight, make them show identification proving that they are legal residents or U.S. citizens, and detain them if they fail to do so, deporting them if they are in fact, shown to be illegal.
(Identifying them is child's play. Gang members make it their business to identify themselves via gang tattoos, gang signs, and gang "tags" that they paint on private property in acts of vandalism.)
A video blog on Special Order 40 produced and posted last July 30 by the folks at Full Disclosure contains interviews held with current and former LAPD officials over the past few years. In one interview, host Leslie Dutton asks a uniformed LAPD official, "Why don’t you enforce immigration laws?"
The official responds, "Well, I think it’s a basic human right. ["It" apparently refers to breaking America’s immigration laws.] And what we’ve looked at in terms of the immigration status of somebody is that we have a tremendous melting pot in the City of Los Angeles and we recognize that there are a number of basic social issues that come to bear as a result of a number of people coming from a number of different nations, and as a result of that type of melting pot of atmosphere that we’ve seen in the City of Los Angeles, the city fathers, [E mail Mayor Villaraigosa] the City Council, our Police Commission has taken the attitude that what we want to do is provide services to everybody in the community, regardless of their undocumented status, and unless they break the law, we’re not going to report things to INS. Where it’s just the sole status of them being here illegally, we don’t take that into consideration when we’re enforcing the law."
Since when do uniformed police officers, who have taken an oath to enforce the laws of the United States, get to speak the foreign language of "human rights," and openly say that they will refuse to enforce the nation’s laws?
It would have been one thing if the LAPD officer had simply said: "The politicians have ordered us not to enforce America’s immigration laws, so the matter is out of our hands." But instead we get this shameless "human rights" sophistry.
Just imagine how far an American citizen would get with the same LAPD if he said he refused to follow written statutes because they violated his "human rights."

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