Thursday, April 24, 2008

Does John McCain really want to win this?

McCain and the RINOs really *don't* want to win this. I can't help but think that McCain is a patsy, foisted on the GOP by manipulation of early open primaries and a winner-take-all primary system. McCain took advantage of front-loaded, winner take all, and "open" primary elections, where he could get enough "independent" (read Demo) spoiler votes to carry him over the top. The system of proportional delegates that the Democrat Party has, ironically, is much more fair. If the GOP had such a primary system, Mitt Romney (or ideally, someone far more palatable) would still be in this.
Would the GOP then be potentially vulnerable to an "Operation Chaos" by the Left? Perhaps. But AT LEAST some real issues would get hashed out. The Bushyrovie strategy of pretending certain issues (like immigration) are not a problem and sweeping them under the rug simply does not work.
Sadly, after McCain's willingness to go along with the phony "global warming" hoax, and after McCain's mea culpa for voting against the MLK holiday 25 years ago (which was the right thing to do at the time, because the government unions were demanding another holiday with pay with no concessions on their part), I am not surprised. As if the eco-fiends and the black militants are EVER going to vote Republican anyway?
Someone needs to tell the GOP "Leadership" the simple fact: You can't pander to certain groups who are only going to hate you no matter what you do!

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