Saturday, April 05, 2008

Barack Obama Will Win the Primary

And given GOP infighting, the election. Oddly, this election was originally Hillary's. And arguably, given the primary nomination rules, Hillary was rooked badly.

But as Dick Morris explains, Hillary tried to have her cake and eat it too. And despite his bias and vendetta against the Clintons, Dick Morris is right.
Hillary always tries to put one over on us. She refused to release her financial records and tax returns and figured we'd never notice. She spoke vaguely of her sympathy with those who wanted to issue driver's licenses to illegal immigrants and bet that the media would never force her to articulate a real position.
Hillary tried to make her insistence on mandatory health insurance the lynchpin of her differences with Obama and assumed that she would never have to explain how she would enforce it. Her campaign was funded by lobbyists — and Obama's was not — but she guessed that it would never become an issue. She and Bill kept dropping hints about racial issues in the campaign, but they decided nobody would call them on it.

Mrs. Clinton believed that she could support the Iraq war until moments before her presidential candidacy began and that the anti-war movement would welcome her as one of their own anyway.

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