Tuesday, October 17, 2006

WSJ cheerleader for 300 million, misses big picture

Well, now there are 300 million Americans, although counting illegal aliens we probably passed that number six years ago, and the Wall Street Journal says "rah rah, sis boom bah!" and refutes off the naysayers, who think resources are stretched thin.

The Wall Street Journal is correct to oppose the doom-and-gloom, lack-of-resources pessimism of many other respondents' letters. Heck, aren't PEOPLE the ultimate resource, and aren't the Euro and Japanese economies largely faltering because of plummeting birth rates?

However, the Wall Street Journal has always had a dewy-eyed romantic view of immigration, and a more important question is not being asked: if more people are coming and the population is growing, WHAT KIND of people will they be?

Will they be people who share the culture and values that made America great, or will they be people who are in opposition to it and drag us down?

There is a serious immigration problem, and it is made worse by the poisonous agenda of "multiculturalism" (really anti-Americanism) pushed by the Left.

Why the Wall Street Journal is so oblivious to this is beyond me.

Some of the "letters to the editor, however", are much more clear-eyed about the problem than the Wall Street Journal.

"Most problems have a solution, but most solutions come with their own set of problems. A soaring population, a shrinking population, or a stagnant one--all have their downsides. At the end of the day people need to decide which set of problems they would prefer, and whether two million new people a year thanks to immigration alone don't present more problems than they solve."--Craig Russell, Salt Lake City

"Ask anyone who was grown up enough to remember 1967 if he would rather have things like then or like now. Obviously, Wall Street Journal boosterism prevents you from giving an honest answer, which explains the incessant drumbeat for open borders. Sure, Wall Streeters love the armies of illegals overwhelming us peons, as long as they are collecting the rent."--R. Labonte, Sacramento

"More illegal aliens and their anchor babies mean more drain on our resources. We need educated legal immigrants from all over the world. We do not need an illiterate underclass dumped upon us, all from Central America and Mexico. We do not need this "Mariel boatlift" pushed on us by their corrupt countries."--Louise Itskowitz, Frederick, Maryland

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