Saturday, October 14, 2006

The "Politically Correct" Way to "Fag-Bash"

We all heard about miserable Demunist Commiecrats turned Dhimmicrats like David Corn(hole) and mealy mouthed Mike Rogers trying to "out" homosexuals who happen to be Republican. As if being gay automatically made you a commie.

Guess what, all you Demunist Dykes and Stalinist Sodomites? Not every homosexual has to support your Pinko Commie agenda!

Some of them even understand that their relationships, whatever status they may or may not merit, don’t rise to the level of a marriage and a family! (Gasp! Horrors!)

Some of them understand that their private lives are just that, PRIVATE! As are yours!

But it gets worse. Now the Demunists try to accuse the one openly homosexual Republican congresscritter, Jim Kolbe of Arizona, on mere heresay and no evidence whatsoever, playing on prejudice.

This is just getting sicker and sicker.

Unfortunately, I fear it may work with some Christian conservatives, who will go off and vote 3rd party, or just not vote at all.

Note to devout Christian conservative voters who may read this:

It was well known to his Palm Beach Republican constituents that Foley was a "Log Cabin Guy", but they liked his stances on the War on Terror, tax cuts, etc. nonetheless.

I actually have found "Log Cabin" types in my local Republican party, and while I will fight any attempt by them to normalize or elevate homosexuality to the level of a marriage and a family, I certainly won’t shun them if they understand the evil of Islam inspired barbarism (of all people, they ought to instinctively understand this).

Moreover, they understand the need for lower taxes and less federal government (other than national defense, which IS properly a Federal government matter).

Private life is not public policy. When we vote, we vote for the results on this earth, not the next. Render unto Uncle Sam what belongs to Uncle Sam.

Is Foley going to Hell? That’s between him and God. Maybe God can help him with his particular inner demons, but meanwhile, I have my own different ones, and I am sure that you do too.

Meanwhile, if you sit at home or even worse, vote the (American Independent / US Taxpayers / Constitution / whatever they call themselves now) Party over this, you insure the Demunists will bring us hell on earth.

Well, let me qualify that: If you live in a district where it’s so gerrymandered that it won’t matter, go ahead and vote for the Constitution Party if you think it sends them a message.

But if you vote for the Constipation Party in a close race between a Republican (even a wussy RINO—Republican In Name Only) and a Commiecrat, you ARE in effect electing the Commiecrat. (I call it the Constipation Party in that case because in that case such a vote is truly politically constipated!)

Don’t make the best the enemy of the merely good, and don’t spit into the windstorm.

Meanwhile, where were you at the Republican PRIMARY level, when some of us really NEEDED you to get better Republicans elected? People who had a REAL CHANCE of winning?

Even if you loathe your RINO (totally understandable if for example you live in Rhode Island and it’s a creep like Lincoln Chafee), you can still seek out and vote for good Republicans at the lower levels, from state assembly down to county dogcatcher.

Note that in some districts, you will wind up with the lesser of two evils no matter what you do. Palm Beach, the district where Mr. Foley came from, was lucky just to have a guy as conservative as he was! A good evangelical Christian ISN’T going to come from Palm Beach! I live in California, where I face the same problem in a good many races.

We are in the world but not of it. Always remember that.

For example, where I live, Ah-nold may be somewhat disappointing in standing up to the Gay Mafia that tries to push its way through our Golden State, but if I and others like me go waste time with a hopeless Constipation Party, then that Demunist weasel Phil Angelides would be our next Governor. Ah-nold vetoed three out of four of the Gay Mafia’s bills. Angelides would gleefully sign all four. Think about it.

If you have a hissy fit and go vote Constipation Party because a few Republicans are disappointingly gay (especially when they aren’t even in your district!), you are in effect making things worse for the Republicans who are good evangelical Christians, and only allowing the utterly depraved Commiecrats to run roughshod. 3rd parties are a JOKE. Repeat: 3rd parties are a JOKE....


Georgiy said...

Nick, you often refer to the rarely known terms dhimmi and dhimmitude. Are you Orthodox, too?

PS Larry Craig, who was just outed by, loyally kept on staff a stalwart voice against soft-pedaling Islamic supremacism and aggression. That said, I wish that homosexuality would cease to be such a polarizing issue. Both sides fall into predetermined poses, in my opinion.

Nick Byram said...

Georgiy: I was raised Lutheran, but am basicaly lapsed. I did some research and found the term dhimmi, and it just fits so well what the Islamic inspired tyrants are up to.

I am thinking the Crescent will be the Swastika of the 21st Century.

That said, while definitely against any attempt to elevate or normalize homosexuality, I certainly wouldn't hold it against a candidate who was right on on every other major issue.

To put it another way, if they were all like J. Edgar Hoover (the first gay patriot?) I'd be supporting them all the way.