Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ted Kennedy Sucked Up To The Soviets In The '80's

And you wonder why I call them "Demunist Commiecrats"???

Now this news isn't new; a decade ago, former Soviet ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin actually wrote about this at length in his memoirs. But ANY attempt to bring this into the forefront is appreciated, especially at this time. They got "October Surprises"? So do we....

This doesn't "legally" make Picklebrains Teddy an out and out traitor, but it does make him, at best, an out and out dupe, and at worst, an unprincipled hack.

THAT is why you can't ever trust this Party of Treason, as it is currently constituted, with any elective offices.

There were once many anti-communist Democrats, not marinated in academic anti-Americanism. But "Scoop" Jackson is dead, Sam Nunn and Zell Miller retired, and the rest changed parties or died or retired as well.

Now? Nearly all. Demunists. Commiecrats. Traitors.

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