Friday, July 31, 2009

Just who are the 47 million "uninsured"?

Michael Ramirez illustrates:

Which makes for some interesting observations and questions:

--If we got rid of the illegals, our emergency rooms would not be busted out, and our American born "uninsured" would have a modicum of care.

--Are those affluent who choose to pay out of pocket, and the young workers 18-25 to be forced to buy insurance in order to make a larger pool so that others who buy insurance will have lower per capita costs?

--In a prolonged recession, like the one we are going to get when bogus "stimulus" does not work, the "in between jobs" category is going to explode, and presumably the sob stories about not having insurance will too. Could it be that non-working "stimulus" and tax hikes were deliberately engineered to crash the economy and thus raise the sob stories???

Another Michael, in Michigan, has interesting discussions on the matter here and here.

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