Thursday, July 30, 2009

The "Obama Birth" Delusion

One of the sadder delusions going around today, even among a blogger I otherwise like and admire, is the delusion that President Obama isn't really an American citizen.

Wasn't his mommy American? Yes, she was....

As much as I loathe Obamunist policies, the "Obama Birthers" are the right-wing version of "9/11 Inside Job Troofers", and I think we make ourselves silly with that. There is more than enough to attack Obama about in terms of communistic policy alone.

Some say that it is a simple matter to put to bed, all Obama has to do is produce a "Legitimate" Birth Certificate. Which he did, and which, duh, was in the State of Hawaii. Case closed. Is there any credible evidence he was born in Kenya? (So what if it was called "A Certificate Of Live Birth"??? Why do I think I am entering crazyland with some of these Obama Birther people?)

Moreover, has it occurred to them that this is a "rope-a-dope" move on his part? They get worked up on a phony non-issue, waste all their energy and credibility, and then the Obamunist rams through socialized medicine. (I am terrified that he and "Rommel" Emmanuel are just this cunning).

And riddle me this: why would the egomaniacal Hillary Clinton NOT bring this up during her bitter primary fight? A woman who we all just know feels rooked out of the Presidency that she thinks was her birthright/marriageright for the taking, and no doubt is seething and biding her time and will probably desert the Obamunist ship once the Porkulus Non-Stimulus fails and Obama becomes Carter II.

Why? Because she knows there is nothing to it.

When John McCain's citizenship was questioned by the Senate during the campaign the Senate investigated John McCain and found that his birth as the son of a naval officer in the then Panama Canal Zone did not matter, and that he was and is a legitimate citizen. And would Obama not qualify as well if McCain did? So what is the point of wasting time on this when there is so much crap coming from the Obamunists to fight?

I loathe the Obamunist policies, but the fantasy that somehow he will be dismissed from office isn't going to happen. Like it or not, enough of the American people are dupie dupes and voted for this crap. Elections DO have consequences.

How much energy squandered on this Obama Birther campaign could be devoted to getting REAL Republicans (not RINO phonies) voted into your Congress District in 2010, and the Senate Seat in your state if 2010 is an election year for one of them?

Two articles in American Thinker explain why this delusion is happening: (1) because the lamestream media gives the Obamunists and other Democrats so much political cover that it is extremely frustrating, and (2) Obama has been so evasive that it's easy to believe it:

There are two reasons why so many find the Birther theory compelling. One is the opaqueness of Obama himself. There is much about our president we still do not know.

For example, throughout 2008 the media showed little interest in Obama's connections to the underworld of Chicago politics, regarding Hillary Clinton's references to fraudster "slumlord" Tony Rezko as mere fear-mongering. When the Blagojevich scandal exploded in December 2008, many journalists were quick to accept Obama's assurances of innocent naïveté.

Other details about the president's past remain hidden or suppressed. Obama has never, for example, provided a convincing explanation of why he disposed of his papers from the Illinois State Senate, or how he managed to lose the thesis he wrote at Columbia. He sometimes fibs about essential details of his personal life -- such as where he met his wife -- and offers inauthentic projections of empathy with ordinary folk, such as references to arugula or memories of "Cominskey Field."

The Obama team also has a habit of releasing information in cryptic drips and drabs, and Friday-afternoon document drops. During the campaign, he suddenly revealed
that he had taken a trip to Pakistan in 1981 -- a voyage he had not alluded to in either of his two memoirs -- and his staff only belatedly acknowledged his authorship of an unsigned Harvard Law Review article on abortion.

The candidate who promised transparency has been anything but transparent, feeding the suspicion that drives the Birther theory.

The other reason the Birther theory has caught on -- particularly among conservatives -- is the weakness of the Republican opposition.

Despite the GOP's success in slowing down ObamaCare, Democrats still have a huge majority in the House, a filibuster-proof margin in the Senate, and a White House that is aggressively expanding its executive power. One Republican leader after another has stepped down or been tarnished by scandal.

Many Americans -- including some who had convinced themselves that Obama was a moderate -- are eager for a way to stop the runaway left-wing agenda of Obama and Nancy Pelosi's Congress. In the absence of strong Republican leadership, some find the Birther theory a compelling, if desperate, solution.

Yet it is ultimately a self-destructive one -- not just because it is almost certainly false, but because it contradicts the essential spirit of the conservative movement.

The philosopher Robert Nozick distinguished between two approaches to political thought: the "invisible hand" and the "hidden hand." Those who embrace the "invisible hand" believe that people, given the freedom to make their own choices, tend to achieve social goals without being forced to do so.

Sometimes the invisible hand fails, and strong central leadership is needed. But as a general rule, free markets and civil liberties have worked well in promoting human progress. They have certainly proved better than the alternative, in the form of state control, which has produced only poverty, war, and misery.

"Hidden hand" thinkers, by contrast, believe that everything is controlled by unseen forces -- not spiritual but human in nature. Socialism thrives on such ideas.....In fact, socialism depends on conspiracy theories to justify its war against personal liberty, to blame for its inevitable failures, and to cover up its own very real machinations.

Come on, patriots, we are better than this.


Anonymous said...

The time lines, places, actions, motives, when analyzed, support, and are consistent with, what is the answer to the Obama birth puzzle:

Obama’s grandmother is his mother and his mother is his sister.

Think about it. Review all the facts and claims.

Mike said...

Pardon my crudeness but I don't give rats behind what you or anyone else thinks. This clown in the WH; the Obamunist is a racist, Marxist, Chicago thug politician who is taking this country down a long dark road. Older people, like me, who normally just want to be left alone to work and survive are pissed off and getting even more so. We are sick of having our position marginalized by the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party (CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.) because of OUR race (white) and/or ethnicity (in my case Italian). B.H.O.should have been required to produce his birth certificate to the election commission or when the case was litigated by Phillip Berg. IF he was born when and where he claims there should be no problem. Comprende? Show me the birth certificate and I will STHU. Until then his actions beg the question, WHY SPEND BIG$ to keep the document out of public view? Bush was hounded to produce his military record by the MSM and did so gracefully. Turnabout is fair play. B.H.O. has no class and no sense of what America or the Constitution is, or what it stands for. He is all about his Black Liberation Theology background.

Get it now?

Curmudgeon said...

If you don't give a rat's behind, then why post here?

Yes, you are absolutely right, the Demunist Party and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) are unfair. That's a given.

But that doesn't mean that wasting time and above all precious energy on this non issue is fruitful, given all the other fronts where the Obamunists must be pushed back.

Mike said...

Thanks, I agree we have very BIG issues in our face now. I post here now because I check your site regularly and enjoy the commentary. However, in my view, whether this guy holds his office legitimately goes to the heart of any power he has which emanates from the Constitution. This is in spite of the fact that the MSM has done all they can to marginalize that position. I truly believe this guy is a serial liar and cheat and most likely is lying in this instance. It ticks me off no end that NO ONE wants to challenge him. Sorry if that goes against your position but, as I am fond of saying, "what it is, is what it is".