Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Episcopal Church Goes Gay And Will Implode

The Washington times reports.

Hey, Gays and Leftists: Here's a thought. If you don't like a particular church, how about joining another one more to your liking, or forming one of your own, rather than demanding it accommodate you? If you want to worship the great UFO gods or be a "sky clad" pagan, go for it (well, not in public for the latter; I'd rather not see your junk flapping around). What is so annoying about you leftists and gay activists (am I repeating myself) is that you demand that the Church fit you, rather than you fitting the Church.

If you *can't* fit the Church, how about finding or starting a "Teh Ghey" religion that better suits you?

And yes, a "church" is by definition Christian or an offshoot thereof. If you want to be a pagan, be a pagan.

What's odd is that complaints about "Inclusiveness" are coming *precisely* when "mainline" Protestant and "liberal" Catholic churches became so "inclusive" that they stopped standing for anything. As a result, these churches are falling apart. Happy-clappy pseudo-Christians have thrown out Church teachings. "Progressive" church publications wallow in nonsense with Reverend Clown and Dr. Feel-good applauding Deaconess Heretic for the latest "Progressive" Protestant, "but my conscience tells me" argument, that flies in the face of plain Scripture. Simultaneously, "Progressive" Catholic publications began defying the Papacy, particularly "just war" doctrine, in favor of first borderline pro-Soviet and now borderline pro-Jihadist policy positions.

Protestant evangelical "megachurches" and traditional Catholic factions like Opus Dei grow because they are "bitter clingers" who have the "bigoted" notion that Dad's dumping Mom for Tom, or Mom's dumping her man for Jan, might just really screw the kids up. O.J. Simpson and John Walker Lindh, two people from very different backgrounds, did suffer the exact same kind of family breakup as kids.

Protestant evangelical "megachurches" and Catholic Opus Dei factions also have the "bigoted" notion that theirs may just be the true way to salvation, especially when they listen seriously to what all too many Muslim imams are saying and doing, just as they listen seriously to what their ministers and priests say and do. Taking a religion seriously? You don't say!

Meanwhile, at the "progressive" churches, Father Flapdoodle or Reverend Leftylib are getting indicted on account of credible accusations of homosexual rape. Indeed, statistically, liberal "mainline" Protestant denominations like the Episcopalians have even *higher* proportions of pedophile or homosexual abuse than do Catholics!

Of course, the word from the good leftist Catholic or Episcopalian or Unitarian hierarchy is that they are victims of "sexual McCarthyism". But the ex-parishioners / congregation members who got wind of it aren't surprised. After all, if Fr. Flapdoodle and Reverend Leftylib aren't preaching traditional Catholic or Protestant sexual morality, it shouldn't surprise anyone that they aren't living it either.


Anonymous said...

Fuck you.

Curmudgeon said...

Awwwww, commie, did that hurt your widdle feelings?

Anonymous said...

I say "fuck you" too. You're a jerk and a perfect example via this blog of intolerance and hate. That you defend "traditional" Christianity and churches in this manner is laughable? Why not start your own church? The Third Reich laid the groundwork for you.

Curmudgeon said...

Oh puhleeze. You gay militants, with your goon squad tactics, would make Ernst Rohm proud. (Hint: Before you throw around the "Third Reich" smear, you ought to know who was running the Nazi Party before Hitler took it over from him.)