Sunday, September 07, 2008

Why didn't Obama choose Hillary as Veep?

In fairness to Barry Obama, he was pinned against the wall by the realities of the situation. He could have won in a landslide with Hillary, but he knew if the Clintons were on board, they would brush him aside and run their own show. (You've got to love the King and Queen of chutzpah, don't you?) And he was arrogant enough to believe that, with the backing of the liberal media, he could skip through the presidential campaign without having to give straight answers to any of the scores of tough questions about his corrupt past.

Having said that, if Barry Obama should win the election, he will be a one termer, as his Carter in mullato form governance causes a congressional revolt in 2010 and a new Republican in 2012.
And Hillary will run then, probably unopposed on the Democrat side.

And should Barry Obama lose the election, the Clinton's will swoop in and put a stranglehold on the Democratic Party for 2012. They were suckered punched once by a small-time "community organizer" with a Marxist message, but you can be sure they won't allow it to happen again. Woe be unto him who tries to run against the Clintons in any future primary.

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