Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th, Seven Years Later

Everything I needed to know about radical Islam, I learned on 09/11/01. Unfortunately, our kids ARE NOT learning anything...

Or any of these poor souls....

And few will credit the Bush Administration for keeping us safe from another attack like this for seven years. His thanks have been to be insulted and vilified and to have approval numbers which hover around 30%--which still makes them three times higher than those enjoyed Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in Congress.
Does that mean everything Bush has done is wonderful? Of course not. From illegal aliens to entitlements run amok, that is obviously not the case. However, there's a reason his approval ratings are three times higher than Nancy and Harry.
The left is trying to say that electing McCain would lead to a "third term for Bush". On this issue, we can only hope.

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