Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Illegal Aliens May Day Boycott?

Revealing that it's on Communist May Day. It has been reported that illegal aliens and their supporters have planned May 1st as a "Boycott America" day where they will stay home from work and boycott American companies in order to "show" us that we depend on their labor and purchasing power. So let's go to work and shop on May 1st to disprove this. On that day we hopefully won't have any illegals ahead of us in the checkout line.

I wonder if the plan to Boycott America also includes not giving birth to their 'jackpot' babies, not driving while drunk, not accepting welfare payments, not using food stamps, not dealing drugs, not murdering, stealing or raping, not attending government schools, not buying homes using government financing, not clogging our court system, not sending remittances to Mexico, not breaking our laws by being here and not insisting that we speak Spanish?

No, of course not!

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