Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The 80% Women's Pay fraud

This year the gender victimologists came armed with a new report from the American Association of University Women, Behind the Pay Gap, which purports to show that one year after graduation, women are paid 80% of what men earn.

But it's full of crap, like much else the femi-communists put out.

I admit it's more clever than the usual pap. The fact that women often drop out of the workforce to raise children is acknowledged by this time making a discrimination study based upon a narrow post graduation time frame.

But once again, the AAUW tries the "comparable worth" (a.k.a., communist worth) approach: the AAUW shoe-horned many thousands of jobs into 11 broad occupational categories.

Take the medical profession which is evenly divided between the sexes, compared to nursing which is overwhelmingly female. The AAUW lumped all doctors and nurses into the same "medical professions" group. So you guessed it -- doctors are paid more than nurses, and that's discrimination!

And women who major in business administration gravitate to human resources administration, while men often specialize in finance. Employees who manage a corporation's financial lifeblood tend to be paid well. But the AAUW put both groups into the "business and management" category. Yikes, more discrimination!

But beyond the claims of sex discrimination, Behind the Pay Gap contains a put-down to all working women. That message reads, Ladies, you are unwilling to accept the financial consequences of your decision to work shorter hours and in less lucrative occupations.

That's patronizing and insulting to the women who don't believe they need a government mandate or gender quota to get ahead in life. Hopefully this time around not so many will be taken in by the AAUW's creative calculations.

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Joan said...

I hate to say this, but women make less money than men on average than men do I believe because men are more willing and perhaps beter able to do some dangerous and nasty jobs that most women don't want to do or are not physically capable of doing (I know I personally would not even want to work in a job where I was subjected to the elements to be honest, but that's just me).

You have to pay more money to people to do things that are dangerous, or unpleasant. You also have to pay more money to people to do things that require a lot of skill and training. Supply and demand.