Saturday, February 03, 2007

In Defense Of Joe Biden

As much as I hate to say it, Joe Biden is RIGHT ON about Barack Obama. For the only time in my life, I rise to Joe Biden’s defense.

Cheaply attacking him for some ill-chosen but essentially true words simply reinforces the lunatic liberal definition of "racism." That definition: anything that makes some people in a "protected class" feel bad.

Biden is a notably garrulous and artless communicator. He simply said that previous black presidential candidates have not been particularly respectable people. Generally speaking, this is true. It is certainly true of the ones people know about, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Biden is right; for the first time there is an African American candidate who is polished. While a good many ideas Barack Obama has are just plain wrong, he is not a leftover communist un-American traitor like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.

Update 04/08: I was wrong. Given his mentor Jeremiah Wright and other shady figures Barack Obama counts as his mentors, as well as revealing parts of his autobiography, Barack Obama IS a leftover communist, racist hypocrite and Un-American traitor. However, he is well-spoken and polished, so I think Mr. Biden's argument still stands.

Nor is Barack Obama too mercurial and tempermental for any political office (think Alan Keyes here, a guy with his heart in the right place but frankly a bit of a nut!)

Obama appears to be more respectable and will therefore get a different reception from non-leftist white voters — is getting — than Jackson or Sharpton got. That is simply reality.

Whatever racism exists among white public figures is no longer openly shown. And again, all of these cheap attacks simply reinforce the Politically Communist Left's stupid definition of "racism". Republicans ought not to be joining in the attack, even if it is fun to hoist a lefty like Biden up on his own phony "racism" petard.

The Democratic party’s sins are as scarlet. It is complicit in reverse racism, or, put more directly, anti-white racism. Its leaders routinely accuse conservatives, with no or virtually no evidence, of racism. It panders to the racist instincts of dangerous fringe separatist and frankly un-American elements in the black and Hispanic communities. To the extent there is a racial problem in American politics, THAT is the problem.

All that said, frankly, I am not impressed by the Cult of Obama, because frankly he is just too new in politics.

Let’s face it, Barack Obama hasn’t even served out one full senate term yet, and the reason he won office is because: (1) his Republican opponent Jack Ryan blew it. (You should have kept your trophy wife and not flaunted her, Jack). (2)The Illinois Republican Party, in a true moment of stupidity, thought it a good idea to carpet-bag in the mercurial and tempermental Alan Keyes rather than seek out another Illinois Republican.

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