Monday, February 26, 2007

Castro District in SF less gay, so gays are upset

Butch up, nancies:

But some gay and lesbian residents of the Castro are worried that the culture and history of their world-famous neighborhood could be lost in the process, and they have started a campaign to preserve its character. The city, meanwhile, is spending $100,000 on a plan aimed at keeping the area's gay identity intact.

Heterosexuals "are welcome as long as they understand this is our community," said Adam Light, a leader in the Castro Coalition, a group formed eight months ago to address the shifts in the neighborhood in recent years.

Imagine if Mr. Light (in the loafers?) had said "families of Blacks" , or "families of Chinese", or "families of Mexicans", in place of "Heterosexuals". But you can't, because I will bet the liberal media wouldn't print it.

So y'all had better stay in your places in Hunters Point, Chinatown , or the Mission District, ya hear?

Meanwhile, if an Italian American lamented that North Beach was becoming less and less Italian and more and more Chinese (or homosexual), can you just imagine the shitstorm that Italian American would face?

Indeed Dan White came to (and fell from) political office precisely because the once very family oriented Irish/Italian/Chinese American Castro District became homosexual.

And the SF Commiecle and other papers of like bias wonder why their revenues and circulation continue to decline....

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