Monday, February 05, 2007

Global warming fraud: disaster relief for record cold

"Global warming", my ass.

Much of this is due to lack of moisture as well, a drought caused by RECORD COLD AND DRY AIR. Personally, I'd like some warmer and moister air to come, for local air quality as well as for the rain and snowfall.

Heck, I'm looking forward to a return to the "mideval climate optimum", a time when written historical records indicate Vikings could grow grapes and Greenland had forests. Let's get OUT of the "Little Ice Age" we have been living in! MORE GLOBAL WARMING -- NOW!

It amazes me that people take "research studies" that examine a few decades and try to speculate about milennia of climatology. Research studies diven by hysteria grants, the more hysterical the better. Some of us are old enough to remember when we were told that we we heading for a New Ice Age, never mind the Little One!

It amazes me further than when I actually talk with these people, and they state that the greatest threat to humanity is either (1) overpopulation or (2) the internal combustion engine, in the words of Al Gore and his Goreon followers. NOT the danger of the Moon-god Murdering Mohammadans getting hold of atom bombs, but people owning cars and trucks and airplanes!

As for overpopulation, when most of the world has birth rates at or below replacement level of 2.1 per female, the Mayhem and Murder Metorite worshippers are cranking out SIX or more per enslaved woman! Does anyone think they care about the ecology?

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