Friday, January 26, 2007

Is Hollywood too timid for the war on terror? Or too treasonous?

Andrew Klavan writes a great column, in the Left Angeles Slimes of all places!

But unfortunately, he can't bring himself to the full conclusion:

" the movies, all we're getting is home-front angst and the occasional "Syriana," in which "moderate" Islam is thwarted by evil American interests. But the notion that this war is about our moral failings is comfort fantasy, pure and simple. It soothes us with the false idea that, if we but mend ourselves, the scary people will leave us alone.

The real world is both darker than that and lighted brighter in places by surprising fires of nobility. It's darker because our enemies were not created by the peccadilloes of free people and will not melt away before a moral perfection that we, in any case, can never achieve. It's brighter because there are heroes like the FBI, the military and the cop on the corner who will give up everything, even their lives, to stop these madmen.

That kind of rousing story seems tailor-made for films. So why aren't they telling it? It's not just about left and right, blue and red; it really isn't."

Oh, but IT IS, Andrew! IT IS!!! The Hollyleftists used to apologize for the communists; now they apologize for the Islamunists. The "anti-anti-communism" that apologized for the Viet Cong and then the Sandinistas has now reared its ugly head again. Commiewood really hasn't changed, it just "morphed".

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