Tuesday, January 16, 2007

First build the wall, then employer enforcement

"Employer Enforcement Better Than Border Security, Analyst Says."

WRONG. Without A border wall, more enforcement, means hiring more public servants to enforce, more money required to pay enforcement, higher taxes to businesses for enforcement, less profit because of higher taxes, lower starting wage, fewer candidates for lower paying job because of higher taxes, more illegals to fill lower paying jobs, dog chasing tail. Build the fence first.

It is EASILY cheaper for us to build a Great Wall from San Diego to Brownsville, stemming the flow of illegal aliens, than it is to hire THAT many ICE (formerly INS) agents and pay that large a bureaucracy staff to administer it all. Seriously.

When there is a hole in a boat, does it make sense to bail out water without fixing the leak? That is what is being done when we surrender on building the great wall/fence border security and focus on internal enforcement.

Building a wall reduces the flow, which in turn allows enforcement to be less overwhelmed and have a more focused effort.

When I read "If we had enforcement, we wouldn’t need a fence", I had to scream, because THE FENCE IS PART OF ENFORCEMENT. IT HELPS ENFORCEMENT. A simple "round ’em up and throw ’em out" mantra is truly DUMB and does not help. For starters, without a border wall, they are back within days after they are thrown out!

Mr. Gordon Hanson, although his heart and mind is in the Right place, is terribly self deluded. I would recommend reading the immigration analysis of another Mr. Hanson for a more realistic approach to this problem.

Actually, Mr. Gordon Hanson does sort of get it:

"If we wanted to have serious monitoring and enforcement of U.S. labor law, we probably have the technology to do it. It’s a question of whether we have the political will to do it," Hanson said.

But we don’t. If you think the political will and financing to build a wall/fence is hard enough to muster, it will take many times that political will, and yes, even many times that economic cost, to punish employers, round up illegals, deny them access to the hospital emergency rooms and the public schools, and kick them out.

Seriously, if you thought the liberal media sob stories were bad when Newt Gingrich tried to trim back the Federal Government, they will be many times worse here.

If getting the border wall/fence is proving difficult, how in the "If-You-See-Kay" does anyone think we will ever be able to muster up the kind of police state which would be necessary to do what Mr. Gordon Hanson is proposing??? That’s even harder.

Moreover, what Mr,. Gordon Hanson is proposing is a massive increase in the size of Big Government, which ought to make us conservatives and libertarians pause, right? Our "underground economy" is just too big, and to expose it to the light of day would require massive costs, a massive bureaucracy, massive law enforcement, and massive intrusion into private business matters, which a lot of us good libertarian and conservative Republicans ought to think twice about.

So what to do?

FIRST: Build the Great Wall of America. The flow of illegal aliens stops, or at least slows to a trickle (of visa overstayers, or perhaps really cleverly built cargo ship or plane or vehicle hiders)

SECOND: Tighten up law enforcement. With the flow of illegal aliens stopped or at least slowed to a trickle, overwhelmed law enforcement WILL BE ABLE TO BETTER ENFORCE LAWS. Has it ever occurred to anybody that the laws are not well enforced because law enforcement is OVERWHELMED? Yes, leftover commie groups like the ACLU and fifth columnist groups like La Raza are a big part of the problem too, but reducing the volume would go a long way to improving law enforcement.

THIRD: Incarcerate and then deport the illegal aliens who are criminal beyond merely border skipping. Heck, some of them like the MS-13 gang have committed crimes so heinous they need to be locked up for good if not executed, for the good of the people south of the border as well as for us!

FOURTH (and everybody take a deep breath here): Once the Great Wall is built and strengthened law enforcement will be able to track down the illegals in our country, we will have to consider some kind of amnesty for the otherwise law abiding (other than being illegal, of course) ones that are already here, now trapped north of the great wall, with financial penalties for their illegal entry.

NOTE: I am not talking about "comprehensive immigration reform"; those who advocate THAT are lying weasels full of "Ess-Aitch-Eye-Tee".

However, once we get the fence/wall built and adequately manned, and our no longer overwhelmed law enforcement can better sanction employers and track down illegals, we will discover a partly wonderful and partly painful truth: that a good many, perhaps even most, of the illegal aliens trapped north of the Great Wall:

(1) will have been here for years and will have had children born and raised here, with home mortgages, steady jobs, and all the rest. (and fat chance getting a 14th Amendment Constitutional change on this matter, that’s harder than building a wall and making a employer sanctions police state combined),

(2) are, in fact, good honest, and hardworking people, the backbone labor force of certain industries, even if some of them have been seduced the the liberal Demunist Commiecrat welfare state enticements.

Deporting them, or "cutting off all benefits until they deport themselves", Is. Not. Going. To. Happen. Period. How does one cut off the public hospital emergency room?

The best we can do for them is have them pay a fine for "cutting in line and cheating" and for being a burden on our law enforcement and public services, etc.

I know, I know, they cut in line and cheated, they snuck in, but realistically, "rounding them up and kicking them out", no matter how much it may make you feel good and please the side of you that wants life to be fair....Is. Not. Going. To. Happen. Period. It would require police state levels of paramilitary law enforcement.

Moreover, that sentiment only fuels the bogus cries of "racism" from the treasonous Demunist Commiecrats and their ilk like the ACLU, La Raza, etc.

Of course we should vote to cut off social benefits to illegal aliens, and even legal immigrants for that matter, Prop 187 was wonderful, despite the lying Commiecrats and gutless or greedy Republicans who said otherwise.

BUT: the emergency rooms are NOT going to turn them away, nor will the K-12 school teachers run them out of school on a rail.

So butch up, nancies!!! We CAN do something about illegal aliens, but we have to be realistic.

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