Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Commiecrat Car Culture: A Concourse of Contradiction

Driving around NorCal, you see this kind of nonsense on car bumpers all the time.

Hat tip and Trackback to zombietime, and go there for the full gallery. Apparently license plate letters and numbers were blurred for legal reasons.

If Kim Jong-Il and/or the muslim terrorist savages detonate a nuke on our shores, let it be in San Francisco / Berkeley. I was a student there 15-20 years ago, and even the leftist slogans and bumper stickers back then weren't THIS stupid:
My personal favorite is "Stop Killing Children for Oil", after "Keep Abortion Legal", with the "progressive" (leftover communist) KPFA radio station in between. If you want to call KPFA and tell them about it, the number is 1-800-439-5732 (439-KPFA). It won't do you any good, but it's on their dime.

Let's see now, Saddam murdered how many thousands of Kurdish or Shia children? And US troops put a stop to that! But of course, murder is murder only if white people do it, in the Demunist, leftover communist, multi-communist and Politically Communist world.

I wonder what the reaction on the left would be if the U.S. got 5,000 barrels of crude for every partial birth abortion performed in the middle east, with the fetus used for stem cell research, on a Muslim woman.

Here's another Bolshevik "baby killer", with the SAME three sticker sentiments as the first, plus a whole lot more. Perhaps she is the more dominant or at least more sassy "domestic partner" of the lady above?

"How many Iraqi children did we kill today?" Well, if you count armed young male jihadists as "Children", hopefully a lot! And some of those "children" would like to kill you, "lady".

But it gets even better. Check out the sticker in the corner:

Gee, her car is newer and nicer than mine, minus the obnoxious bumper stickers. She must not have earned it, she must have stolen it from me somehow! I shall have to track her down, overpower and beat her up, take her car, and leave her my old Jeep Cherokee. No, make that my even older Ford Festiva, I deserve better.

Here's a guilt-ridden Demunist dupe:
Now this statement sums up the leftover Demunist Commiecrat / multi-communist / Politically Communist mentality at it's finest: "5% of the world's people consume a third of its resources & make nearly half the waste. That 5% is US". Never mind that this 5% produces 2/3 of the worlds goods and services, and uses resources far more efficiently than such workers' paradises as Cuba or Soviet Russia ever did. Then again, if this Demunist feels so bad about it, s/he should walk the walk and off him/herself in order to eliminate a source of CO2, methane, and patchouli pollution. If I knew where s/he lived, I'd be tempted to do it for him/her. (Again, I kid, I kid...)

Here's a guy who shows his anti-materialism and environmentalism, even though the two are contradictory:

Check out this close-up sticker:

By driving this smog belching behemoth?
Another thing I've noticed is that the more pro-environment stickers there are on a car, the older the car, the bigger and fouler the cloud of smoke coming from its tailpipe, and the more likely the vehicle hasn't passed "Smog Check" and is operating illegally. Apparently tune-ups and cars built since the Carter Administration are all part of the right-wing conspiracy somehow.
If you really agree with the sarcastic sentiment of the right-hand sticker, wouldn't it be more honest to just get out of the car and walk?

In fairness, I have to admit that "Why did they put our oil under their soil?" is pretty darn funny. I'm tempted to go look for one for my car, even though as a rule I never put bumper stickers on, not even "evil" right-wing ones. (I am sure they don't have the decency and restraint to not vandalize my vehicle, unlike me with respect to theirs.) Maybe I can slip it on one of the mass transit vehicles I often ride when I commute downtown. Yes, I actually use mass transit, unlike the liberals who pay lip service to it.

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