Friday, September 15, 2006

Illegal Aliens: Does Bill Frist Get It?

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist pens a column in yesterday's Washington Examiner regarding national security, and he hits on border security as a big part of that picture:

Among the snippets:

"Homeland security stands atop my list of remaining priorities. Last month’s arrests in England reminded all of us that, almost exactly five years after Sept. 11, terrorists remain intent on attacking and killing Americans...

Congress must also work to secure America’s borders.

While the Republican Congress has already devoted billions of dollars in new spending to border security, our frontiers still need additional protection.

Thus, as we appropriate money, we’ll provide funds to hire new Customs and Border Protection personnel, provide them with necessary equipment, and begin the construction of a mixture of virtual and physical fencing covering every inch of the United States’ southern border."
Could enough Republicans finally be GETTING IT???

Patriots had given up hope that this Congress would address the porous southern border. With the short session upon us and the nationwide immigration hearings stalled, the effort looked dead for this year. However, the overwhelming consensus among the American People to secure the border and stop all "Illegal Aliens" (none of this "undocumented" crap) gives Frist and House Speaker Denny Hastert a mandate to address at least that portion of immigration reform.

It will, of course, get resistance from the entire Democratic caucus in the Senate, as well as a few RINO Republican members and the greedhead cheap labor Republicans who still take the Wall Street Journal's position on this seriously.

Surely the Republicans will not miss this low-hanging fruit for the midterms? Then again, they are the STUPID Party, the Demunist Commiecrats turned Dhimmicrats being the Evil Party.

It just saddens me that so many "Conservative" Republicans, not just RINOs, just DON'T GET IT when it comes to the immigration problem. I am thinking the short-sighted greedheads at the Wall Street Journal here, among others. Karl Rove and "conservative" Congresscritters like Chris Cannon and Sam Brownback come to mind here too.

Not only is illegal immigration per se evil, but too much legal immigration is a problem as well, given the "multicultural" (communist leftover anti-Americanism) poison in our cultural, educational, legal and media institutions, that is preventing immigrants from integrating into American society and only sowing further dischord.

The Mexican anti-American demonstrations, on Communist May Day no less, clearly were a wake up call to the immigration romantics. "Hispandering" will not work; whatever Rove promises, the Left will top. These people ARE NOT going to vote Republican.

Even if legal immigration on balance has been a good thing, there is such a thing as too much, and we are at that point. A "time out" or curtailment is needed, until we can sort things out and get the "multicultural" poison out of the body politic. After that, we can throw the Golden Doors open wide again.

Why are some so eager to import what is sadly becoming a Fifth Column into the nation???

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