Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Governor Ah-nold's Revealing Gaffe

No, the ethnic joke is NOT revealing: Ah-nold wasn't saying anything offensive, he was joking about how Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia refers to *herself*.

Garcia was on KFI the afternoon of the 7th, where she bashed Phil Angelides for trying to make something this stupid and trivial 7 months old a political issue. Good on her.

Bonnie Garcia, is, of course, a Republican, so she responds with class, in fact, Arnold was referring to the fact that she called *herself* a hot-blooded Latina.

But leave it to Commiecrats like Angelides, Torres and Barbara Lee to try to make something out of nothing. (Remember how Bolshevik Barbara Lee voted with respect to dealing with the Taliban? That's all you really need to know).

As for the other Commiecrats who chimed in, Phil Angelides is a prissy little twat; he would bend over and let Mark Leno and Sheila Kuehl do him (the latter with a with a strap-on) if he thought it would help his fawning.

Art Torres, meanwhile, is preparing to become one of the land barons of the New Mexifornia and treat the rest of us as peasants in the ejidos.

But what is revealing--and disappointing--about Ah-nolds remarks is this part of the yahoo news article:

"He wonders aloud if the Republican Assembly leader, George Plescia, can "control that wild bunch upstairs," referring to the Assembly's Republicans as an "unruly bunch of guys and girls."

Gee, Ah-nold, we're unruly because we had a special recall election to end Commiecrat one party rule, and we elected you to act like a REAL Republican and veto the crap that the Demunists send your way. So please stop caving in here and there. No driver's licenses for illegals, no to the Gay Mafia rewriting school textbooks, and do something to stop the illegal alien floodtide.

And fix the roads and build new roads and power plants while you are at it.

That's why we voted for you, Ah-nold. Try not to forget it.

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