Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What has to be said about the market crash, over and over

Now, look at a 20-year Dow Jones Industrials / S&P500 / Wilshire 5000 chart (1988-200. The NADAQ is similar.

It’s slightly rising, through GB and Clinton, through 1995, when it begins to move up faster (the dot-com market). The dot-com bust happens in 2000 (Clinton). The dot-com era is a Democratic economic event.

The market sinks (Democratic-era fallout in a Republican administration) until 2003 (GWB)
During this time period (from 1998 to 2003) Fannie Mae pays $90 million to Mr. Raines, a Democrat and one-time advisor to Obama. His predecessor at Fannie Mae, also a Democrat, also made millions.

The market begins recovery and peaks in mid-2007 (GWB). During this time, warning bells are rung about sub-prime lending, and potential economic effects, in 2003 and 2005 by Republicans. Remember Senate Bill 190?

Meanwhile, Reps Maxine Waters (D), Barney Frank (D), among others (all Ds) publicly ignore / deny any problems (on video).

One week ago the market was at 10,500. The week before it was at 11,000.
Today, 09 October 2008 we are (still?) in a major economic meltdown. The Dow closed at 8,579.19, down 678.91.

Conclusion: this is an economic meltdown almost exclusively caused by Democrats and their policies.

When Sen. Obama, or anyone else says the current economic mess is the result of 8 years of George Bush, he or they are wrong. He or they are either misinformed (incompetent/lying advisors) or he or they are lying.

This (preferably a shorter, more polished version, with a timeline, names and dates) needs to be publicized heavily. Maybe a 30-second TV spot.

To the McCain campaign: you need to make the Democrats own this. It’s their mistake and their fault, and people are losing their homes and jobs because of the Democrats.

This may be negative campaigning, but the Democrats are shifting blame and advocating nebulous policies. If you want a chance to win in November, and are serious about the election, this seems the only way.

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