Saturday, May 10, 2008

LA Times Calls Race Riot at School a "Brawl"

Move along--nothing to see here, says the LA Times.

Note how the Demuist Commiecrats are utterly silent about "racism" and "hate crimes" here, even though no doubt at least some of the African Americans involved here were innocent victims!

In the Demunist Commiecrat world, Black on White hate crimes don’t count, and Black on Asian hate crimes don’t count. But then again, Latino on Black hate crimes don’t count either.

Why is this? Because it’s the liberal agenda, baby! Import a larger and larger underclass of welfare dependents. African Americans used to be given the welfare plantation treatment all to themselves, but the Demunist Commiecrat commisars have decided they are not enough of them and they are not compliant enough. So they are importing a new underclass to augment them.

If that new underclass ends up displacing rather than augmenting them, well, you can’t make the perfect Soviet socialist omlette without breaking a few African American eggs now, can you?

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